5 Million By 2030, Liberal Governor Makes Demands Of Struggling State

It is nice to hope that miracles happen. Some mystics would argue that simply believing in something, no matter how extreme, will cause it to be. It remains to be seen if CaliforniaGovernor Jerry Brown is such a person, but in light of his most recent statements, it may just prove to be the case.

CBS News reports that the leftist governor “is proposing a $2.5 billion plan to help put 5 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2030.” Considering the progress of technology, this may be possible, but it is far from likely. People said the same about landing on the moon during J.F.K.’s (another lefty) reign, so stranger things have happened.

The problems here, however, are many. For starters, this is the taxpayer’s money. Is this where they want it spent?

Secondly, it is done because Brown buys into the debunked global warming hoax, so this will only lead to higher taxes even if it does clean the air. Obama era ideas already call for more taxes on cars, as the Conservative Daily Post revealed.

There is nothing wrong with wanting cleaner air. The toxins put off by car exhaust lead to countless lung cancers and other ailments each year. The problem with what Brown is is doing is that it allows for belief in the myth of climate change (and the costs which are passed onto everyone reading this).

The state has 35,000 of such cars on the highways and byways each day, so they are off to a decent start. These include “electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The governor wants to expand subsidies so that people will be more apt to purchase emission-free cars, as well as “spur [the] building of 250,000 electric-vehicle charging stations and 200 hydrogen fueling stations.

Legislative approval is needed, so in theory, the taxpayers do get a say, though we can guess which was this is going to end with such leftists in charge of the outcome. The state wants to hit 1999 levels of greenhouse gas emissions in three years and then drop another 40% in 10 years.

Here is the rub: this shows that the free market does not support this. It costs too much, and raising taxes in California is not going to help anyone. Already, a homeless problem exists in some areas that have caused fires where the impoverished congregate.

If the free market was allowed to make this happen, those companies that are manufacturing these cars (and the service stations for them) would either have to come down in price or not exist. With Brown’s way, they are being paid whatever they wish and everyone has to pay for it.

Convincing most thinking people that the planet is warming due to the actions of man is all but impossible in light of the facts which we have which prove the opposite. Al Gore has failed, it really is that simple.

However, if the public got a good look at what lung cancer looks like or what heart issues caused by smog are like, interest would grow for these cars. Unlike global warming, these are real issues.

As long as a Jerry Brown is leading California, don’t look for any logic and reason such as this to be common anytime soon, though. Not while he has his hands in the coffer up his elbow.