Prince’s biggest hits coming to Apple Music this month

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Photo: Jimi Hughes/Wikipedia

Prince may have been one of the most high-profile celebrity
deaths of 2016, but his music will live on via Apple Music
starting February.

A new report
claims that Prince’s Warner Music Group albums — including
iconic hits like “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Purple Rain” and “When
Doves Cry” — will start streaming on February 12.

In addition
to Apple Music, the tracks will also be available on Spotify,
Pandora, Google Play, Deezer and other outlets. Prince
previously pulled his songs from streaming music services, in
favor of Tidal, in July 2015.

previously dissed Apple by holding it up as an example of a
company making money online, while artists weren’t properly
remunerated for their work. “Tell me a musician who’s got
rich off digital sales,” Prince told the
U.K.’s Guardian newspaper, adding that,
“Apple’s doing pretty good though, right?”

was a similar refrain to the one stated by Taylor Swift, who
had a spat
with Apple regarding artist royalties, before Apple
changed its policy and
Taylor reversed hers as well.

While Apple
Music hasn’t hosted any Prince songs, however, the artist’s
music has been continuously available on iTunes — where it
shot to the top of the bestseller charts following his
untimely death last April.

estate has reportedly been working to get his music onto
different streaming services since he passed away. It is also
suing Tidal, claiming its use of Prince songs violates a
previous agreement.