PlayStation 4 Worldwide Sales Pass 76 Million

Sony has this week announced its PlayStation 4 worldwide sales have now passed 76.5 million consoles, with Sony selling 9 million consoles during the three months up to and ending December 31st 2017. Even though the figure was slightly down when compared to the same period during 2016, roughly 700,000 lighter. The sales of the PlayStation 4 eclipse anything that Microsoft has to offer. Microsoft has even stopped releasing its own hardware figures to avoid comparisons with the Xbox console and the hugely popular PlayStation 4.

Sony also announced that the PlayStation division’s profits had increased from 617bn to 718bn yen, mostly thanks to the revenue that Sony receives from taking a percentage of the income from all PlayStation software sales. Sony also announced that long-standing boss Kaz Hirai will be leaving the company, following on from last year’s announcement that PlayStation boss Andrew House would also be leaving the company.

The PlayStation 4 games console is now closing in on the lifetime sales record of 83.8 million set by the previous Sony PlayStation 3 console. As soon as PlayStation 4 worldwide sales beat that figure, we will keep you up-to-date as always, and it is sure to happen in the next 12 months if all goes well for Sony.If you are interested in learning more about the performance comparisons between the new Xbox One X and the and PlayStation 4 Pro we have plenty of comparison videos on the site.

Source: Hot Hardware

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