‘Monster Hunter: World’ New Updates for PS4 and Xbox One Now Live to Fix Multiplayer Issues

Facebook/ monsterhunterPromotional photo for Capcom’s “Monster Hunter: World” video game

Capcom released new updates for its latest video game installment, “Monster Hunter: World,” for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Patch update 1.05 for PS4 and update for Xbox One are now live to resolve multiplayer issues as well as balance out ammo damages.

The new patches went live on Feb. 8 to address common complaints from gamers prior to the game’s matchmaking system. One of the biggest fixes of the new updates is resolving the error message that reads, “Failed to retrieve squad information. Please wait and try again.” To make way for the solution, all squad data of players affected by the bug have been reset. This indicates that players need to recreate their Squad from scratch.

Non-squad members will no longer be able to join Squad online sessions unless they have a friend invite or an online session ID search. The issue with the “5 Million Celebration Item Pack” item is also fixed, and the availability of the item is extended until Feb. 22. Problems with decorations are also polished.

To balance out the gameplay, Capcom decided to do something about slicing ammo damages and the maximum number of Slashberries players can carry. The power of the slicing ammo and its effect are decreased. Players can only carry 30 Slashberries in their item pouch from now on. To balance the changes, damages of normal ammo, pierce ammo, and all elemental ammos, except dragon ammo, are increased.

Other bugs affecting the Elderseal, Endemic Life, and Quests are now fixed with the updates. Capcom is in the midst of determining the problem with Xbox One’s matchmaking system. There are Xbox One players who are unable to use the Matchmake option.

“Our development team is also working tirelessly on pinpointing the issues with matchmaking on Xbox One,” Capcom wrote.

“Monster Hunter: World” is a big success when it comes to sales and score ratings. The latest installment to the “Monster Hunter” series sets a new Capcom sales record with 6 million units shipped worldwide as of Feb. 9. The game also took the top spot as the most-downloaded PlayStation 4 video game in January 2018.