Xbox One X: Worth the $499 if you plan to buy 4K TV

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Microsoft has finally unveiled its new console – officially named the Xbox One X. It will be launched worldwide on November 7th and cost $499. Newslook

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How it works

Setting up the Xbox One X is pretty straightforward. The only challenge is moving games from your older Xbox to the X.

Owners can download wirelessly through network transfer — having both Xbox consoles on and transferring through a local connection — or using an external hard drive. A plus for the hard drive: to save time, you can boot up games direct from the drive instead of moving them over to your new Xbox.

To test Xbox One X, I used a Samsung QLED TV that supports 4K, and two older non-4K HDTVs. 

In Super Lucky’s Tale, a Mario-style adventure game, the animated visuals look crisp and pop with spectacular colors.

There are some benefits to owning an X without a 4K TV: games will load faster, compared to an older Xbox. Some older games will look better, according to Microsoft, although I found the differences were more subtle.

But your decision to update will likely hinge on whether you plan to acquire a 4K TV sometime soon, or simply want to future-proof yourself when you eventually make the jump.

That’s a decision many people buying an entertainment device will face this holiday season: buy a slightly older, cheaper model, or bust out the wallet for the state-of-the-art 4K version. 

(Note: the prices of some 4K TVs have dropped below $400 — and you can expect deals on Black Friday — but if you want the best video make sure it supports high-dynamic range (HDR) imagery.)

Sony PlayStation aficionados went down the same path last year, with the release of its PS4 Pro for $399.99. Like the Xbox One X, I found that the quality was great so long as you had an upgraded to TV to match. 

Both consoles are worth it if you’re ready to pay for 4K.

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