New Patch for Nintendo Switch Version of ‘DOOM’ Due Out This Month; Audio and Menu Fixes Incoming

Twitter courtesy of @DOOMThere’s a new patch coming soon to the Nintendo Switch version of ‘DOOM’

“DOOM” has been out for the Nintendo Switch for a while now, and though most players seem to be happy with the game, there are still some issues that need to be addressed.

The good news for fans is that developers will do exactly that later this month.

Over on Twitter, developers announced that they were working on a new patch for the Switch game. The full contents of the patch remain unknown at this time, though the developers have already indicated that it will bring some needed menu fixes and address several of the audio issues still present in the game.

Developers also hinted that the patch will contain other elements.

Players are going to need to wait a little while longer before they can hear about all that this patch will bring to the game.

While most of the players commenting on the latest announcement related to the Switch version of “DOOM” are pleased with what the developers are currently working on, there are also some fans hoping to see some new features added to the game.

To be more specific, there are fans hoping that gyro aiming will be added as a feature as they see it as something that could vastly improve the experience of playing the game.

Developers have not indicated that they will be adding gyro aiming in the next patch, though things are still up in the air until the full patch notes are made available.

The Switch version of “DOOM” has garnered rave reviews since its launch last year, owing largely to a smooth transition to the console that has not resulted in too many compromises being made.

For those interested in getting this game for the Switch, they should know that they need to have a microSD card on hand with a minimum of 32GB of storage space available if they want to download the game. Switch owners must also have 5GB of space available on the system memory.