Blizzard Has No Plans To Bring Hearthstone To The Nintendo Switch

When the Nintendo Switch was unveiled, many weren’t sure how well it would work. Then, once it launched, and people saw the appeal of a truly “portable console”, they realized the potential for it was nearly limitless. Thus, they started to wonder what games would be put onto the system, this only grew when more and more 3rd party companies came forward to bring titles onto it. One that hasn’t, yet, is Blizzard. Despite that though, fans have asked for ports of both Overwatch and Hearthstone to be made.

It makes sense when you think about it, both are very popular games, there’s no doubt that the Nintendo platform would boost sales and player numbers for both. So, it makes sense that it would, right? Well, in an interview with PowerUp!, Blizzard emphatically stated:

“There are no plans to move HearthStone to the Nintendo Switch.”

So, yeah, that’s pretty definitive, yet, as PowerUp! themselves noted, it honestly doesn’t make too much sense for Hearthstone to come to the Switch, and not for money or player base reasons, but rather, for gameplay ones. The title is online only, and because the nature of the Switch is to take it around with you, there’s a good chance you’d lose an internet connection. Because of that, you’d have to play it in one spot and stay there until you’re done. Sure, many are fine with this, but Blizzard might not be.

Also, the game is used to being played a certain way, and because of the duality of the Nintendo Switch (docked mode vs. handheld mode), and the various control schemes, there’s bound to be one that doesn’t work well with the game.

Now, as for Overwatch, Blizzard has said they’re considering it, so there is hope for the future in regards to Blizzard and Nintendo.