iPad Pro 2018 Design WILL Mimic iPhone X – MINUS The Notch

Apple’s iPad Pro update for 2018 will borrow heavily from the iPhone X, reports suggest. However, it will not use an OLED panel nor will it feature the iPhone X’s notch.

Why the iPad won’t feature OLED remains to be seen. It could be down to cost or production issues. Apple has had a tough time sourcing OLED panels for its iPhone X, and that problem will only get worse in 2018, as it introduces more iPhone models with OLED panels.

The design will apparently feature a new aspect ratio for the display; it’s basically going to be a pseudo-edge-to-edge setup, though the decision not to use OLED is probably wise given how much trouble everybody but Samsung seems to be having with it.

The new iPad Pro for 2018 will feature Apple’s FaceID, however, following its debut on the iPhone X. The display will be a 10.5in setup, apparently, and specs will include an updated CPU, more memory, and better connectivity.

The bezels will be extremely minimal, though, according to Bloomberg. And because Apple isn’t using OLED panels, it means it will be able to fit whatever sensors it likes to the iPad Pro’s bezel and chassis. Hence the no notch news.

All of the above makes plenty of sense too; Apple likes to debut features on iPhone before bringing them to iPad. It did this with TouchID in the past, for instance, and is now doing it with the overall physical design of the new iPad and Face ID.

There’s no word on a release or launch date as yet for the iPad Pro 2018, though we should probably expect it around the end of Q1, beginning of Q2.

With the reduced bezels, the new iPad Pro 2018 will likely prove very popular with consumers, as you get more display and less hardware, which makes for a vastly superior user experience (take note, Google).

The last couple of iPad Pro updates have been very popular, and I’d expect this one to trump both of those, should Apple bring across some of the iPhone X’s design attributes.

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