Shocking Details Of Steve Bannon’s Firing Released, This Makes Trump Look SO Bad (VIDEO)

The firing of Donald Trump’s former right-hand man, Steve Bannon, was a shock last year — but as the truth comes out about the secret details that surrounding his ousting, jaws will continue to drop.

According to Bloomberg correspondent Joshua Green, the departure of Trump’s former chief strategist came with tons of drama and turmoil, as anyone would expect from Trump’s reality television-style White House. On CNN’s State of the Union this morning, Green spoke at length about the current chaos going on inside Trump’s White House and also dished about Bannon’s firing.

In the interview, Green weighed in on the nonsense currently surrounding Chief of Staff John Kelly, who has been walking on eggshells since he defended former Trump staffer Rob Porter, who was recently accused of domestic violence by his two ex-wives. Green told CNN’s Jake Tapper that even though Kelly had been added to the administration to bring some order to the White House, the White House’s latest domestic violence scandal proves that “clearly the staff isn’t being managed properly.” Green said, “Things are still in a state of chaos.”

When Tapper asked Green about how tense things had gotten between Trump and Bannon, Green revealed insider details about what had happened during Bannon’s firing. Having written extensively about Bannon and Trump’s journey to the White House in his book “Devil’s Bargain,” Green explained:

“The day that Bannon was pushed out, he was very angry about it. Refused to take Trump’s phone calls.”

Green even stated that at one point, Bannon had hilariously said, “I’m sick of being a wet nurse to a 71-year-old man.” Green said:

“He had as many doubts and frustrations, I think, about Trump’s fitness to be president, as a lot of other advisers around Trump did.”

You can watch the interview with Green below:

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