Best iPhone 8 Cases of 2018

If you’re looking to find some of the latest best iPhone 8 cases on the market, we’ve got news for you. The iPhone 7 cases fit just as well on your new phone! That’s good since there is a plethora of good cases for the iPhone 7. But, of course, aside from that, we have a new iPhone 8 cases that are made especially made for your device.

There is a good number of iPhone 8 cases right now. Here are a few good picks you can check out.

Apple iPhone 8 Silicone Case

This special no-frills silicone case by Apple itself may be one of the best cases you can get for your iPhone 8. It has the most comfortable and premium feel in your hands, and its silicone texture prevents it from slipping.

But in case your phone slips, the case has enough shock protection enough for your iPhone to survive the fall. Regular wear and tear is also lesser of a risk on your iPhone 8 with its silicon case. Apple Silicone Case is available for $35 directly . The Apple iPhone 8 Silicone Case is available in different fun colors.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

Spigen has a reputation for good quality cases. Its latest installation for iPhone 8, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S is no exception. It is made from strong and flexible materials – polycarbonate with TPU around the edges. It may offer the best level of protection without too much rigidity.

If you enjoy watching videos on your iPhone, this case fits you just well. It has a built-in stand that you can collapse from the back of your phone. It makes your iPhone stand in a landscape upright position for comfortable viewing on a flat surface.  Don’t worry, it does so in a very sleek fashion, not adding up to the bulk of your case.

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid S has a clear transparent surface, allowing you to admire your phone’s exterior even with the case on. So, for your iPhone 8, you can purchase Spigen Ultra Hybrid S for $11.99

Otterbox Defender series

One of the biggest brands in smartphone cases is Otterbox. Its Defender iPhone case series takes the cake in offering protection to your iPhone 8, keeping it safe and secure. If you’re worried that your iPhone 8 is prone to damages taken from falls, you can make sure it does not shatter with this case of choice.

Otterbox Defender series gives your phone multiple layers of protection from different kinds of damage. A built-in protector on screen prevents your phone from incurring scratches on your precious OLED screen. It also has a foam buffer which protects the screen from rubbing onto the protector and a shock-absorbent shell which  saves the rest of the phone from dust, dirt and fall impact.

You can get an Otterbox Defender series case on Amazon for around $50, but for a limited time, you can pick up this case for $22.96.

You can purchase Otterbox Defender for iPhone 8

Mujjo Leather Wallet case

If you like keeping your phone and credit cards in one place, Mujjo leather wallet case may just do the trick for you. It offers a simple and stylish solution for your all-in-1 case needs. It also offers protection, having a slightly raised bevel along the screen edges to prevent it from making contact with destructive surfaces.

This stylish corporate leather case comes in a classic brown, black or gray color choices.The Mujjo Leather Wallet case comes in a classic tanned leather, along with black and gray options. You can pick up your very own Mujjo Leather Wallet

Speck Presidio

If you want your iPhone 8 case to be protective, yet still very stylish in design, you may want to choose Speck Presidio. It is made of a crystal clear material that does not stain or turn yellow over time. This case is scratch-resistant, ensuring both your phone and case keeps looking great over time. Buy Speck Presidio for your iPhone 8

Totallee Scarf

If dropping is not much of a problem for you, and your more worried about scratching your screen, you may want to choose Totallee Scarf for your iPhone 8.

Totallee Scarf is an extremely thin iPhone 8 case, fitting your phone like a glove. It might not be the best choice for those users who drop their phone a lot, but its ultra thin appearance creates a striking design and is available in different colors.

You can purchase Scarf for $16.99 .