Why iPhone X fails to win some Apple loyalists

A Piper
Jaffray survey of iPhone users who did not upgrade to the
iPhone X came to a predictable conclusion: Most were
satisfied with the performance of their current model and
many find the X too expensive.

However, the financial services firm predicts
Apple will coax some upgrades out of these users with a line of
new iPhone models this fall, one of which is expected to be
more affordable.

News of
the survey of 1,500 users was reported on the
Apple 3.0 blog by respected tech writer Phillip
Elmer-DeWitt, who said he received an email with the survey

The email
contained a note by Piper Jaffray’s Michael Olson to clients.
In it, Olson said 31 percent balked at the $1,000-plus price
tag on the iPhone X.

percent listed their “iPhone works fine” as the top reason.
Another 8 percent said they prefer a larger screen. The
remaining survey participants did not upgrade for other
unspecified reason.

anticipate a wider array of new form factor devices, similar
to iPhone X, will launch in late fall,” Olson told clients.
“While we have no direct knowledge of Apple’s launch plans
for next year, we expect a lower priced X-gen option
(potentially the current iPhone X with a price cut and/or an
X ‘Lite’) and a Plus X-gen model.”

of iPhones were actually down 1.24 percent, according to
Apple’s quarterly earnings report. Apple still sold 77.3
million iPhones during the holiday season and the first part
of January and saw revenues climb nearly 12 percent, an
indication many users bought an iPhone X despite the

Though he did not say how many of those units sold were
iPhone X, Apple CEO Tim Cook said sales of the X “surpassed
our expectation and has been our top-selling iPhone every
week since it shipped in November.”

Olson said his firm expects a “super-long” cycle of users
migrating “to X-gen devices over a multi-year

Philip Elmer-DeWitt’s Apple 3.0