Trump Grinned And Got All Giddy When His Name Was Dropped At Billy Graham’s Funeral

Just last week, at 99-years-old, Rev. Billy Graham passed away. The iconic pastor met with every President since Harry Truman, but his funeral was only attended by one: Donald Trump. And the current President was all smiles.

As Billy Graham’s daughter spoke, remembering the influence of her “self-conscious fraud” and “disgustingly evil” father, she noted, “I have learned this week as never before, everybody has a Billy Graham story,” and that, “Even this week, President Trump told us about his Billy Graham story. As a little boy, his father took him to Yankee stadium to hear my father preach. And he said this is a big deal.”

And Trump, who has no understanding of social context, grinned like a teenage boy seeing his first nude photo.

And yes, that’s Mike Pence also flashing a smile.

And here’s the really sad part–Trump could even look to Saah Palin for “how to respectfully smile during a funeral”:

See the difference, Trump? Palin doesn’t look like she’s watching Anchorman on repeat. Even the guy next to her definitely knows that he’s at a funeral.

It could also be that he forgot where he was and was just really excited to hear his name. From the moment he arrived, he looked bored. Also, Donnie, look at how Melania is poised. Try that:

Republicans like to call Graham “America’s Pastor,” but for the rest of the country, that’s not a commendation so much as condemnation. If there was ever one person responsible for the shape of American politics today, it’s the recently departed Rev. Billy Graham. During the Cold War, he preached Conservative Christian values, and inspired people like Pat Robertson and garden gnome with a coke problem Jim Bakker. And he shaped the Republican Party as we know it, especially people like Mike Pence and Ted Cruz. If you’ve met a homophobic Christian in the past 60 years, you’ve witnessed the influence of Billy Graham.