Eric Holder: Mueller Has Enough to Charge Trump with Obstruction

The rats from the Obama regime are getting restive as can be seen for the increased media presence of former attorney general and longtime political fixer Eric Holder.

As a longtime swamp creature, Holder has much to lose if investigations into the politicization of the Justice Department and FBI reveal the level of corruption that we have only had glimpses of as Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report gets closer to public release.

Obama’s hatchet man is one of the dirtiest knife fighters of them all because his own history is filled with abuses of power and he is forever linked to the Clinton criminal empire for his role in the pardon of global criminal Marc Rich before Slick Willie slithered out of office.

Fully understanding that he would be ruined if exposed, Holder has been ratcheting up his attacks on President Trump and on Friday, he joined the opportunistic school shooting survivors David Hogg and Cameron Kasky on one of the left’s biggest propaganda shows.

During his appearance on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher”, Holder announced that dirty cop “Bob” Mueller now has enough on President Trump to charge him with obstruction of justice.

JUST IN: Obama AG: Mueller has enough evidence to charge Trump with obstruction of justice

— The Hill (@thehill) March 3, 2018

Via The Hill “Holder predicts Mueller trying to bolster obstruction of justice case”:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday that special counsel Robert Mueller likely already has a case for obstruction of justice against President Trump, and is waiting to bring the case before a grand jury.

In an interview on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Holder expressed faith that the sprawling Mueller probe would result in more charges.

“Well I think that you technically have an obstruction of justice case that already exists,” Holder said. “I’ve known Bob Mueller for 20, 30 years. My guess is, he’s just trying to make the case as good as he possibly can.”

During his appearance on the show, Holder also defended calls from Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer to make Trump’s supposed dereliction of duty on confronting Russia over election meddling a campaign issue.

“But I think that Steyer is absolutely right in the sense that Trump is derelict in his duties,” Holder said. “We were attacked. It wasn’t a physical attack, it was an electronic attack, on our most vital of systems, and he’s done nothing to prepare us for what is to come. Because they’re still coming.”

“And he’s done nothing to hold the Russians accountable in spite of the fact that this dysfunctional Congress passed sanctions that he has refused to implement,” Holder continued.

“And that for me is breathtaking, unforgivable and ultimately something the American people have to hold him responsible for.”

Holder continues to hammer the great Russian election meddling hoax because that is what justifies the ongoing social media and internet censorship as well as brainwashes the majority of the populace that their “democracy” is under attack.

That immunizes the Obama-Clinton regimes and dirty birds like Holder from being exposed for years of treachery and treason and sadly, it’s working like a charm.

As I wrote here at DT back in 2016:

One of those who acted with questionable motives in the Rich pardon is former Attorney General Eric Holder. Obama’s top hatchet man at the DOJ never met a bankster that he wouldn’t protect and for his troubles as fox guarding the hen house Dirty Eric was able to bass right back through that big revolving door between government and private industry when he settled into his old job at high power law firm Covington & Burling which represents the same Wall Street banks that Holder was tasked with prosecuting when he was the nation’s top cop on the beat. Gee, do you ever wonder why not one of the money changers who wrecked the economy never got prosecuted?

It gets better too. Holder circumvented normal procedures in order to secure Rich’s infamous pardon, an act that none other than James Comey – then a U.S. Attorney – described as a “huge misjudgment” which in layman’s terms can roughly be translated into something along the lines of Holder was bought.

But wait…it even gets better than that…

According to a story on top Hillary backer Goldman Sachs that liberal muckraker Matt Taibbi did a few years back for Rolling Stone magazine, Rich was a player in commodities – specifically the Russian minerals trade. I excerpt the following from “The Vampire Squid Strikes Again”:

Goldman and Chase – along with Glencore and Trafigura, a pair of giant Swiss-based conglomerates that were offshoots of a firm founded by notorious deceased commodities trader and known market manipulator Marc Rich – all made notably coincidental purchases of metals-warehousing companies in 2010.

The presence of these Marc Rich entities is particularly noteworthy. According to famed Forbes reporter Paul Klebnikov, who was assassinated in 2004 after years of reports on Russian corruption, Rich made a fortune in the early Nineties striking crooked deals with the Soviet bosses who controlled the U.S.S.R.’s supplies of raw materials – in particular commodities like zinc and aluminum. These deals helped create a fledgling class of profiteers among the bosses of the crumbling Soviet empire, a class that would go on years later to help push Russia out of its communist past into its kleptocratic present.

“He’d strike a deal with the local party boss, or the director of a state-owned company,” Klebnikov said back in 2001. “He’d say, ‘OK, you will sell me the [commodity] at five to 10 percent of the world-market price . . . and in return, I will deposit some of the profit I make by reselling it 10 times higher on the world market, and put the kickback in a Swiss bank account.’”

Rich made these reported deals while in exile from the United States, which he fled in 1983 after the U.S. government charged him with tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering and trading with the enemy after being caught trading with rogue states like Iran, among other things. The state filed enough counts to put him away for life, and he remained a fugitive until January 2001, when a little-known Clinton administration Justice Department official named Eric Holder recommended Rich be pardoned. A report by the House Committee on Government Reform later concluded that Holder had not provided a credible explanation for supporting Rich’s pardon and that he must have had “other motivations” that he didn’t share with Congress. Among other things, the committee speculated that Holder had designs on the attorney general’s office in a potential Al Gore administration.

In any case, in 2010, a decade after the Rich pardon, Holder was attorney general, but under Barack Obama, and two Rich-created firms, along with two banks that have been major donors to the Democratic Party, all made moves to buy up metals warehouses. In near simultaneous fashion, Goldman, Chase, Glencore and Trafigura bought companies that control warehouses all over the world for the LME, or London Metals Exchange. The LME is a privately owned exchange for world metals trading. It’s the world’s primary hub for determining metals prices and also for trading metals-based futures, options, swaps and other instruments.

And one of those commodities that Rich was dabbling in just happened to be Russian uranium – maybe that same Russian uranium that has been a yuuge thorn in the side of the Clinton crime family.

Holder is among the corrupt former officials looking at an extended stay in the iron bar hotel if Trump isn’t removed from office before he manages to get the upper hand against the Deep State and “Bob” Mueller may very well end up being his cellmate.