[Solved] Breathe Reminders Not Working on Apple Watch 3

Apple Smart Watch users use Breathe App on its Apple Watch because it gives an ideal result to relieve anxiety and stress. For this, the essential requirement is that to set breathe reminders on AW. Even though, we have seen many Apple Watch users addressed the issue concern broken Breathe Reminders not reminding or get them sporadically.

We have ready a list of the use solution that will help you to troubleshoot the bug breathe app not sending reminders. Just you need to go with following instructions. So don’t move anywhere from here and try this solution and share this theory to be helpful for other folks who are finding correct answers.

Why my Apple Watch breathe App Reminders do not work or getting sporadically?

Due to following symptoms, your AW might stop to sending you Activity App and breathe App reminder notifications (most tied to your stress level and heart rate).

1. Breathe Session Reminder Off

2. Apple Watch Wrist Detections Turn Off

You need to launch the Apple Watch App on your iPhone – Tap My Watch tab – Tap Passcode – Now make sure that the Wrist Detection is turned on/Green.

3. Sometimes Apple Watch Stops sending reminders after WatchOS upgrade

In this case, your Apple Watch needs downgrade Watch OS 4 from to lower version. Might be solved an issue.

4. After installing faulty Watch OS version – Your Apple Watch breathe notifications won’t work like before.

5. Heart Sensor won’t work due to Apple Watch not accurately fit on your Wrist

6. if Apple Watch Do Not Disturb ON

Keep turn Do Not Disturb Off on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

7. Apple Watch on Beta profile

Move from Apple Watch developer program to Public Watch OS firmware.

8. In case, your breather reminder time coincides with an event in your iPhone iCloud/Google calendar/ Appointment scheduled – Generally, the user gets the Reminder for a short time after event completed or AW user stops moving anywhere.

But don’t worry. You simple workaround for this problem is setting recurring reminders in the Phone calendar App manually.

Deep explained how to repair breathe reminders won’t receive on Apple Watch Series 3/ Series 2 or AW Series 1

Fix #1- Firstly, check out that your Apple Watch set up for breathe session

For example, set to ten times a day.

Fix #2- Restart Your Apple Watch

Fix #3- Restart your iPhone

Fix #4- Force Quite the Watch App on your Phone

Get how to force close Apps on iOS

Fix#5- Unpairing then Re-paring your AW

A pair- Unpair Apple Watch

Fix #6- Change Wheelchair settings on your Phone

Unlock your iPhone Screen – Launch My Watch App – Tap Health – Tap Edit – Wheelchair (Change settings from not set to No)

Fix #7- Try to Use Siri watch face instead of other Watch Face to get Stand/ breathe reminder notifications.

Fix #8- Erase and Restore Apple Watch from Backup

Fix #9- I Suggest you that you should submit the feedback to the Apple to report your Problem.

Here’s Apple Watch Feedback page

Fix#10- Send Apple Watch for Replacement

Good luck to all users! Hope, one of the above-listed answers fight against your AW breather reminders issue and from now, you will get regular mindful breathing reminders.