Trump Being Driven To ‘Pure Madness’ By Cable News Coverage Of Recent White House Chaos

In the last few weeks, the White House faced one scandal after the next, from Rob Porter’s spousal abuse allegations to White House Communications Director (and Porter’s most recent ex-girlfriend) Hope Hicks resigning after she admitted to telling “white lies” for President Trump. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, and adviser, lost his security clearance, and he’s had a very public fight with Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. And according  to t the news coverage is driving the President to “pure madness.”

Several sources told the post that Trump’s “obsession with cable commentary.”

The Post describes Trump’s White House as “the darkest days in at least half a year,” as those around him “worry just how much farther Trump and his administration may plunge into unrest and malaise before they start to recover.”

One of Trump’s main concerns is Jared Kushner:

“Trump has been asking people close to him whether they think Kushner or his company has done anything wrong, according to a senior administration official. Two advisers said the president repeatedly tells aides that the Russia investigation will not ensnare him — even as it ensnares others around him — and that he thinks the American people are finally starting to conclude that the Democrats, as opposed to his campaign, colluded with the Russians.”

And these stresses are bad news for the world. Barry McCaffrey, a retired four-star general, told the Post, “I think the president is starting to wobble in his emotional stability and this is not going to end well. Trump’s judgment is fundamentally flawed, and the more pressure put on him and the more isolated he becomes, I think, his ability to do harm is going to increase.”