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Images via Disney Movie Trailers’ YouTube video
  • Pooh’s reunion with Christopher Robin on a movie trailer made social media users emotional
  • Disney Movie Trailers has just released the teaser video of the film
  • The movie is directed by Marc Forster and starred by Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell

Pooh’s reunion with Christopher Robin on a movie trailer has made a lot of social media users emotional.

In the video uploaded by Disney Movie Trailers, it was shown that Pooh and Christopher Robin’s reunion took place at the time when the latter was facing grown-up problems — like not being able to spend time with his family because of his gray job at a nebulously capitalistic unethical corporation.

“I’ve cracked,” the man said.

“Well, I don’t see any cracks… a few wrinkles maybe,” Pooh responded.

A lot of social media users were moved by the trailer.

“This makes me sad. I feel like Christopher an adult looking back to my childhood,” commented YouTube user AF.

“Hearing Pooh’s voice was like reuniting with the family I forgot I had,” wrote RC.

“I just cried hearing his voice. It’s like a forgotten friend that no matter how shitty Christopher Robin has been for forgetting him is still joyful to see his pal,” said Facebook user SL.

“When Pooh Said “Christopher Robin” I just lost it. This is literally my childhood,” shared RR.

As of posting, the video already has more than four million views.

The film is directed by Marc Forster (Stranger than Fiction) and written by Tom McCarthy (Spotlight), Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up Phillip), and Allison Schroeder (Hidden Figures). It stars Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell.

Watch the official trailer:

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