Monster Hunter World Has An Important Day One Update On PS4 And Xbox One

Monster Hunter World launches for PS4 and Xbox One at the end of this week, and like many other titles nowadays, it’ll require an update on release day. Capcom recently shared details about the game’s day-one patch, which adds a couple of features and will be required to play the game online.

According to the official Monster Hunter World website, the version 1.01 update will weigh in at roughly 815 MB, though the exact file size will likely vary depending on which console you’re playing the game on. Most importantly, the update adds online multiplayer, event quests, chat, and other online features, meaning you won’t be able to play Monster Hunter World online with other players or download any additional content until you’ve installed the patch.

In addition to the online features, the 1.01 update makes some unspecified bug fixes and adds a Gallery mode to Monster Hunter World’s main menu, which allows you to re-watch any cutscenes you’ve witnessed in the game. Last, but certainly not least, the patch introduces Poogies, the adorable pet piglets that have appeared throughout the series. Once players have reached a certain point in the story, a Poogie will appear in Astera’s tradeyard. You can pet the Poogie and form a bond with it, and once it warms up to you, you can carry it in your arms around Astera to help you locate hidden treasure.