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Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation is a computer application that enables data transfer between a PlayStation Vita system or PlayStation TV system and a computer. By installing the application on your computer, you can do things like copy content from your computer to your PS Vita system/PS TV system and back up data from your PS Vita system/PS TV system to your computer. Main features:

Backing up saved data and application data (game data)

You can back up the saved data for games played on your PS Vita system/PS TV system, and the application data (game data) for games purchased from PlayStation®Store, to your computer.

Copying music, image, and video files

You can display lists of music, image, and video files stored on your computer and transfer the files to your PS Vita system/PS TV system. You can also transfer music, image, and video files from your PS Vita system/PS TV system to your computer.

Backing up system files

You can back up system files saved on the PS Vita memory card or in system memory to your computer.

Performing a system update of the PS Vita system

When a Wi-Fi access point is not available, you can perform a system update of the PS Vita system using a computer that can connect to the Internet.

On this page we have links to download ps vita content manager. We also give tips and tricks on how to use it, how to bypass some of its limitations, etc…

Download PS Vita Content Manager Assistant

The official Content Manager Assistant is only available on Windows and Mac. For other platforms, check alternate downloads below.

Alternatively, you can find the latest version of the playstation content manager assistant on their official page.

PS Vita Content Manager Assistant Alternatives

The Following tools are unofficial and not supported by Sony. They bypass some of the limitations of the official content manager assistant. For example the requirement to be online while copying files. Some of the unofficial clients below are also compatible with Linux. Check below for details.

Open CMA

A patch by Virtuous Flame to prevent the PS Vita Content Manager Assistant from connecting to the internet.

The PS Vita comes with a system to copy save files that requires you to be connected permanently to the internet. This system is here to force you to update the Vita when a new version is available. In addition, it might be inconvenient for you to be constantly connected when you want to copy your files from and to the Vita. This patch is here to help you with this situation.


An open source alternative to the officiel PS Vita Content Manager Assistant. Since Sony forgot about Linux users, developers decided to make their own impleementation. This CMA tool is using the vitamtp library that Yifan Lu made. QCMA is made in Qt so it can be recompiled to Windows and Mac OS X (or even Android?) without trouble.

Yifan Lu’s OpenCMA

Open source implementation of the CMA client, to copy files from and to your Vita. Compatible with linux, removes the need for constant internet connectivity,…

Playstation Content Manager articles, tips & tricks

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