Pokemon Gen 8 Leaks for Nintendo Switch Are Fake

Just yesterday, a purported leak of images containing the supposed Generation 8 starters for the forthcoming Pokemon game on Nintendo Switch made the rounds online, with many debating the legitimacy of the concept art. Now, it looks as if the pictures are indeed fakes, with the fan artist behind the drawings having stepped forward today to confirm as much and admit that they were simply made for laughs.

As seen in the Facebook post below from the user known as “50 Shades of Helioisk,” the creator of the aforementioned “leaks” of the starters for the Nintendo Switch’s upcoming Pokemon game apologizes to those who thought the lemur-like Grass-Type, platypus-esque Water-Type, and the rabbit-styled Fire-Type Pokemon were real. The artist also makes note of the fact that they had consulted a Japanese friend of theirs to write the text that convinced many that the concept art was official.

For those unaware, the lead up to the launch of practically every new generation of Pokemon titles often includes a wave of supposedly leaked creatures from the game in development, so it should come as no surprise that the images above are inauthentic. In fact, these are the second set of counterfeit starters for the Nintendo Switch’s Pokemon game that managed to fool a lot of folks, as the artists relied on a format similar to actual animation reference art that leaked online in 2016 that showed the final forms of the Alolan starters in Sun and Moon.

All things considered, while some may be disappointed to learn that the Pokemon artwork seen above isn’t from the actual Nintendo Switch game, it at least serves as a solid lesson for many to always maintain a healthy sense of skepticism when presented with information from an anonymous source. At any rate, 50 Shades of Helioisk’s work still deserves to be commended for its nearly pitch-perfect rendition of the role-playing game’s art style. Perhaps Game Freak will even take note and reach out to the fan artist for some ideas.

The next Pokemon game is currently in development for the Nintendo Switch.