Cavs news: LeBron James admits to what he doesn’t always make during games

There is a strong reason why Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James is always in the mix as one of the best NBA players ever due to his outstanding performances and jaw-dropping stats. James once again had put on a show against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday night — which the Cavs won — as the final minutes of the game was classic King James.

James would score nine points in the final minutes of the win against the Nuggets as Denver was doing everything possible to make the unbelievable comeback, but the star of Ohio had other plans for Wednesday night. In the last minutes, James would attempt shots that no other player could even think about trying as the 33-year-old truly put the team on his back.

LeBron James sinks the Nuggets with a ridiculous shot

— The Render (@TheRenderNBA) March 8, 2018

The shots were under duress, as James would have to create space by fading away from the basket. However, nothing seems impossible for James as each shot made in the final minutes made fans in the arena truly appreciate the amount of skill the Cavs forward possesses.

It’s been done over and over again by James as this is nothing new from one of the best players in the league —if not, the best. After the game, James talked to reporters and continued to be humble as he spoke highly of his teammates and the never ending memories.

In an article by Erik Garcia Gundersen for LeBron Wire, James went on to talk about how these moments never get old.

“They don’t get old,” James told reporters about those moments. “And I’ve always been appreciative of teammates that have been around me that give me the ball down the stretch and that trust me down the stretch. Do I always make the right play? No. But I always have the right thought. I’m always in tune with what’s going on and I try to make the right decision late in the game.

James still has a lot to offer so don’t expect these clutch moments to go away anytime soon.

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