27 Beautiful Examples of Navigation Web Design

Having a great navigation is a must thing for any website. It not only makes it stand out from all the rest but also makes it really easy to use. A great navigation not only insures that the website gets the visitors’ attention and make them want to browse around to see everything the page has got to offer. If you want to form a perfect navigation for your website then you should keep in mind everything — the navigation menus, schemes and layouts etc.

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So today we have a list of 27 Really Awesome Examples of Beautiful Navigation to get some inspiration. Check them out below:

Handle With Love

Neat and organized vertical navigation. Amazing pretty pictures and colors!


Cool ‘menu based’ navigation. The menu is very graceful.

Don’t throw Batteries

Graceful and neat menu.

FA Design

Another great example of typography based menu.

Album Art Collection

Amazing layout, navigation and menu.

Polyester Studio

Awesome colours with integrated menu and flow. It never gets boring.

Doopsuiker Poppies

Pretty menu, nice flow and navigation.

Good typography based layout and menu with really cool colors and nice flow.


Neat grid navigation layout with a graceful menu.

Prince Street Films

Pretty good layout, colors and typography.

Comic Sans Criminal

Horizontal vertical, based on typography and a good color scheme.

Above the Fold

Awesome vertical navigation. You can scroll it down or select an option at the menu — both ways it is good.

ACC Media

Great horizontal navigation totally based on images.


Simple structure with scroll based navigation and beautiful menu. Simplicity is the beauty.


Simply hover and then click the menu you wish to open. Simple and beautiful.

Helmy Bern

This website has a combo hover + dropdown, which is always interesting and cool.


Large typography that gets noticed and then it fades when you are not checking out the respective menu.


Pretty layout and colors. Use image slider or menu to navigate easily.

Keith Homemade Cakes

Beautiful layout and images with easy navigation.

Javascript für Designer

Vertical navigation with amazing color scheme and forms.

Ed Nacional

Neat and clean layout with eye catching images and navigation.

Marco Rotoli

Use the sliders, sideways and upside down, or menus for extremely easy navigation.

Makr Carry Goods

Extremely neat layout and navigation.


Navigate using the horizontal sliders, images or the dropdowns. Really nice.

Keenan Wells

Great navigation. All you have to do is to choose what do you wish to see in the top right corner and then just go with the flow. A horizontal slider is also present to see previous projects.


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