Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Defends Trump by Admitting the President’s a Lying, Cheating Scumbag (Video)

To call Republicans hypocrites is an understatement. After watching the right tear apart Barack Obama for eight years over everything from the color of his suit to holding a coffee cup when he saluted two Marines, many of these same people are now going out of their way to defend the comments, behavior, scandals, and unprecedented incompetence of Donald Trump.

For all intents and purposes, Fox News has become “Trump TV” in an attempt to become this “president’s” own version of state-run media.

That said, once in a while some truth does find its way onto Fox News. While it’s usually something factual said by Shep Smith or Chris Wallace, there are those rare moments where someone else at the network finally points out that, if a Democrat were tied to some scandal linked to Trump, the network’s reaction would be much different.

Such as Dana Perino who, while defending the media’s coverage of the Stormy Daniels controversy, rightfully stated that if John Podesta had been caught paying $130,000 to cover up an affair Bill Clinton had just prior to the 2016 election, Fox News would absolutely be giving that story a lot of attention.

That’s when fellow Fox News employee Greg Gutfeld responded by defending Trump, saying that we all know he’s a scumbag, but people elected him anyway so it doesn’t matter.

“The difference is we all know what Trump is,” Gutfeld said. “Trump said, ‘I’m not a role model.’ That’s why this Stormy Daniels thing doesn’t really resonate with Americans, ’cause they know what they got.”

“Americans know what they elected,” he added. “So Donald Trump is attracted to adult film stars. I think that’s not shocking.”

Yes, that’s an employee of the top-rated cable news channel, one that panders to an audience that fancies themselves “defenders of the moral majority and family values,” stating that it’s not a big deal Trump has cheated on his current wife and First Lady, paid a mistress for her silence just prior to the 2016 election, and has since repeatedly lied about the affair — because Trump’s supporters know what they elected.

That’s where we’re at in this country when it comes to Trump. We shouldn’t care about terrible things he says and does that we’d never let anyone else get away with, because his supporters know he’s a lowlife scumbag who cheats on his wife (among other things), so none of this is a big deal.

Never mind that the payment was possibly illegal, or the fact that, just as Trump’s denied sexually abusing women, he’s denied this — let’s just move on because we know what this “president” is. 

In other words, according to Gutfeld, if you’re a lying, cheating scumbag, but you get elected anyway, that makes it okay to continue being a lying, cheating scumbag and the media should just ignore all the times you prove to be a lying, cheating scumbag.

Funny though, when Hillary Clinton called roughly half of Trump’s supporters “deplorables,” she was slammed by the right-wing for insulting the values of many of those who backed him. Yet here Gutfeld was, effectively saying his supporters knew that he was a lying adulterer with no morals — yet they elected him anyway.

Which, in my opinion, is only something a deplorable person would do.

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Watch the exchange below via Fox News (Gutfeld’s highlighted comments start around the 18-minute mark):