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Chinese phone manufacturer ZTE appears to be doubling down on the controversial notch design in an ambitious-looking smartphone concept. The ZTE Iceberg, as it’s referred to, has a notch on the top and bottom, according to renders shared by WinFuture, leaving the rest as an edge-to-edge display. The bottom notch contains the phone’s front-facing speaker, while the top-notch contains a selfie camera, a sensor for ambient light, and an earpiece for phone calls. 

ZTE's New Concept Phone Has Not One But Two Notches© ZTE

It isn’t clear when ZTE will launch the new smartphone. Nevertheless, there are speculations that the handset will arrive sometime next year. As per the listing, the development time for the uniquely designed handset is 13 to 24 months, and it will reach Asia, Europe, and North America after 2018.

ZTE's New Concept Phone Has Not One But Two Notches© ZTE

ZTE goes further with its ‘Iceberg’ design, making the phone chassis a single glass unibody. The glass corners of the phones are clear, which give the aesthetics a clean, pure-as-ice look. Apparently, ZTE is also giving modular a try, with pins on the back of the device for powering modules, or possibly for charging the phone itself (the listing also mentions wireless charging).

There aren’t any details available yet on the phone as far as specifications or when it will debut, but the biggest detail here comes from the design. From the back, this looks like a mostly standard ZTE device, offering dual-cameras, a rear-fingerprint sensor, and glass back. 

ZTE's New Concept Phone Has Not One But Two Notches© ZTE

The ZTE Iceberg uses a seamless glass connection technique to combine two pieces of glass as one unibody, which makes the phone resemble a fragment of ice. The four corners of the phone are transparent to reveal the essential beauty of the glass material. The effect is beautiful and mysterious.

With that being said, the ZTE Iceberg is a concept smartphone, and, there’s no guarantee that it will see the light of the day. However, on a positive note, ZTE’s entry for Iceberg in World Design Guide says that the phone will be launched after 2018. 

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Photo: © ZTE/MensXP (Main Image)