Xbox One Developers Can Ban Keyboard and Mouse if They Choose

In the world of competitive first-person shooters, every fraction of a second is important. Players who have a better frame rate or superior controls have a serious advantage when highly ranked games are being played. Because of that, the idea of a person playing with a traditional controller versus someone playing with a high performance keyboard and mouse has always seemed like an unfair fight.

That debate rages on as Xbox One users accuse other players of using keyboard adapters to get an edge in the console gaming scene. There’s no doubt that keyboard players have a leg up, but the question from the community is, “What will Microsoft do about it?” According to a twitter response from Microsoft Gaming Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra, it’s really up to the developers.

Here’s Ybarra’s straightforward answer to the question:

Developers have the choice to use APIs that detect and not allow these. It’s up to them, but the capability is there.

Although it is nice to get an answer, some members of the community still feel like this is more evasion than it is an actual response. There are some fans who believe the responsibility to police the hardware allowed should call on the console studio, rather than each individual game studio. At this point, it seems like Microsoft wants to give the developers a little more freedom and power to make these kind of calls for themselves.

This is definitely a messy subject and the debate is sure to rage on. As long as players continue to feel like they are being cheated out of wins, they are sure to keep the pressure on Microsoft to take a stronger stance against the practice.

Xbox One is available now worldwide.