Sen. Blumenthal’s Chooses Not To Give Pres. Trump Credit For Bringing Home N.Korea Prisoners ⋆

Let’s be honest, I didn’t expect Democrats to give President Trump and a grade on this huge success, bringing home these detainees.

No other president has been able to do what Pres. Trump has done with North Korea but Democrats will not give him the benefit of the doubt or at least most of them won’t.

I will even include the legacy media, the alphabet networks will also turn a positive into a negative for ratings.  Here’s the skinny, as long as you the American people are watching this and witnessing these huge successes. They cannot be wiped away or rewritten as if they never happened.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Sen. Blumenthal: “Senator, do you give president Trump credit for engaging with Kim Jong-un and securing the release of the three American detainees,” and he couldn’t even bring himself to give Pres. Trump any kind of credit for a job well done.

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Video excerpt:

I special think we ought to be overjoyed in welcoming home these Americans so brutally kept as prisoners by North Korea but no reason for complacency here or toasting success. In fact, the key is to sustain and heighten the sanctions that have brought North Korea to the table.

Sanctions that I and others in Congress have urged and the administration reluctantly adopted and the same is true in Iran where we have urged sanctions on the Iranians for violating the — the U.N. Resolution and now we have abandoned the Iran nuclear agreement rather than tighten or strengthen and enforce it more effectively and we need to be sure that we have credibility into these talks with the north Koreans.

I think Senator Blumenthal is taking his bitterness from a page of Senator John McCain’s new book. It’s OK, however, don’t worry about it, and keep your head up. President Trump is still working for the American people and trying to fill his promise to make America great again.

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