New Permits Filed Show Nintendo Plans And Map For Both Parks At Universal Orlando – KidZone Likely Gone

By now, it is no secret that Universal Orlando has been busy buying up a lot of land and preparing to build a Nintendo land, but more information is finally starting to come about. With the clever minds of those on the Internet, filed permits have been found that sort of map out where these new lands will go. Making matters even better than that is that the permits appear to show Nintendo areas going into both theme parks.

In the last couple of years, Universal Orlando has purchased close to 600 acres for an expansion that will include new attractions, new lands, and even two new resort hotels. Some of the plans have been revealed, but many of the exact details have been kept under wraps for the most part.

Well, WFTV is reporting that more Nintendo rides and attractions are going to be added to Islands of Adventure in the future. That means both theme parks (Universal Studios as well) will have rides from the video game giant.

The thing is, sources also tell WFTV that more Nintendo attractions will also be built on the 500 acres of land that Universal Orlando purchased on the other side of I-4.

A few more #Nintendo Land plan details, including a map. The plans show Universal plans to have dining with a total seating capacity of 365 seats. Sorry we didn’t have time to shade in the map, but you can see Simpsons and Fast Food corner to the left and ET to the bottom right.

— Chip Skambis (@chickenlilchip) November 22, 2017

This gives a bit more perspective when looking at the actual satellite image of the area.

It seems like this is where Universal is planning to add Nintendo character attractions. Based on a public record found by

— bioreconstruct (@bioreconstruct) November 23, 2017

While the exact plans have not yet been revealed by Universal Orlando, the original thought is that Nintendo would take over a portion of Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone. That area includes attractions such as Fievel’s Playland, Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster, Curious George Goes To Town, Barney, and the E.T. Adventure.

The new permits filed this past week show an 8.8-acre “Super Mario Land” in the area where KidZone currently stands. Different sections are named after Mario Kart and Donkey Kong, and further looking into the permit seems to prove that KidZone may not have much longer to live.

More confirmation that KidZone’s days are numbered at.@UniversalORL as company makes room for #Nintendo Land.

— Chip Skambis (@chickenlilchip) November 26, 2017

As of now, Universal Orlando has not commented on the speculation and rumors floating around about Nintendo Land, but they can’t deny the permits. Sure, the permits show plans, but those are always possible to change as time goes on.

Universal Studios Japan is set to open its Nintendo-themed area in 2020 with Orlando opening its version shortly after that happens.

There are a lot of plans in place for Universal Orlando with additions to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and other sections of the resort. Nintendo Land is going to be absolutely huge and draw in large crowds who are already getting excited just by the permits filed. The only problem is that big fans of KidZone may not be thrilled if some longtime fan-favorite attractions end up being a casualty.

[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]