PS5 And Xbox Two To Be Cloud Based Says Final Fantasy’s Hajime Tabata

Competition in the gaming industry has led companies to consistently strive to produce better products. In the last decade or so, we have seen a huge leap from the conventional gaming consoles to the next generation of powerfully built consoles. So what’s next for the world’s largest gaming console producers?

The word out in the market is that companies might move toward cloud technology for the next era of consoles. The PS3 and the PS4 took it the next step by taking the gaming experience online. But the PS5 and the next Xbox console are going to a completely new level, that is if we are to believe the words of one legendary director.

Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy 15 in an interview to the Xbox Magazine revealed his views on the next era of consoles. According to him, the gaming industry will follow the path of the music and film industry and move towards streaming services.

Tangibility is a major element in today’s world. But as the world becomes technologically more advanced, intangibility may be the new norm. If cloud based technology is adopted then fans wouldn’t even have to own a console according to Tabata. Games will be subscription based and bought online and a strong internet connection would be needed for a breath taking experience.

While the idea sounds quite appalling we feel that the world isn’t ready for such a big advancement. The developed economies might be able to adapt to the new setting but the other more developing economies still lack the arsenal to cope with such a drastic change. If the consoles are indeed going cloud based, we feel that there is a fair bit of time left till the release of the PS

Another major problem for a potential cloud based PS5 or an Xbox Two will be the fact that it would need a very high speed internet connection, something which for now is not wide spread.

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