Stormy Daniels Lawyer Reveals Dirt On Trump And Melania, Trouble Ahead For White House (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s new lawyer, unhinged Rudy Giuliani, has created tons of trouble for the president lately — and it’s very much helped Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti in their case against the president.

Earlier today during a phone interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, Avenatti trashed Giuliani for his disgusting comments about Daniels and her career in adult films — and revealed some interesting details about First Lady Melania Trump while he was at it.

Earlier this week, Giuliani said he didn’t respect Daniels because she “sells her body for sexual exploitation” (even though Melania has posed nude in the past). He also suggested that Daniels was not as wonderful as the multiple women Trump has married, and that one can’t be both a feminist and support the sex industry at the same time. For most Americans and Avenatti, those comments went way too far. Avenatti said:

This is outrageous. Every woman in America — right, center, left, it doesn’t matter — should stand up and be angry about this.”

To make matters worse, Trump backed Giuliani’s comments when the president told reporters he “is not going to disagree” with Giuliani. Avenatti explained:

If you look at Mr. Trump’s comments, you know, that’s not what he said. He basically supported what Rudy Giuliani had stated in total, which is entirely inappropriate.”

Avenatti stated that if Giuliani had been working at a Fortune 500 company and said that, “he would have been fired yesterday, no questions.” Avenatti blasted Trump:

Instead, we have a president that not only doesn’t fire him. But now also comes out this morning and issues a statement, gives a statement of support.”

Avenatti also tore Trump and his team a new one and displayed the flaw in all of their comments against his client:

If my client’s not credible and is a liar, why did they pay her $130,000? It makes absolutely no sense. They paid her $130,000 because they knew she was telling the truth. Whenever a woman comes forward who is credible, they constantly resort to attacking that woman based on her looks.”

Then Avenatti dropped a bombshell about Trump and Melania. He highlighted the fact that the First Lady recently distanced herself from the claims of Giuliani and Trump. Avenatti was referring to Giuliani’s insistence that Melania “believes her husband” and his lies about not having an affair with Daniels and “knows it’s untrue.” Melania directly countered Giuliani’s claim through her communications director, Stephanie Grisham, who said:

I don’t believe Mrs. Trump has ever discussed her thoughts on anything with Mr. Giuliani.”

Avenatti brought up this major contradiction and praised Melania for this “extraordinary” statement against Trump and his team. He said:

Not only did she distance herself, she contradicted Giuliani. I think that shows there’s a lot of trouble brewing between the First Lady and the president. And I think it also shows that she doesn’t necessarily believe his denials, nor should she.”

It’s about time Melania started freeing herself from her sociopath husband. You can watch the bombshell interview below:
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