Vigilant Passenger’s Tweet Rescues Lives Of 26 Minor Girls, Twitter Hail The Super Hero

We are often asked to keep our minds alert during a train journey. While it is said for ensuring the safety of our own, some people do not think twice about helping others in need. And here we have a similar story of a passenger, who pulled off a heroic act to save a few girls in desperate need of help.

On July 5, a vigilant passenger, Adarsh Shrivastava, saved the lives of 26 minor girls by rescuing them from a suspected human-trafficking with the help of Railway officials and Police.

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Adarsh who was onboard on the Muzaffarpur-Bandra Avadh Express spotted a few girls crying in a compartment. His concern grew with time on seeing the girls in an uncomfortable situation.

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Adarsh was seated in the S5 compartment of the train.

In his bid to alert the police and other authorities, he quickly posted a tweet with details of the train’s location and next two stops tagging Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Railways Minister Piyush Goyal and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath among others.

The Railways took no time in noticing the tweet and alerted the GRP and RPF. Officials dressed in normal clothes got onto the train at the Kapatanagaj station and escorted the minors till Gorakhpur. The girls were deboarded there and taken to the Gorkhapur Police station. Thanks to Adarsh, the men responsible for the act were taken into custody.

प्रभारी निरीक्षक कप्तानगंज को आवश्यक कार्यवाही नोट कराया गया

However, the children were unable to inform the Police about their names, addresses and other necessary details. It was then that Childline — — a helpline number for children in distress by the Ministry of Women and Child Development — along with the anti-trafficking unit were alerted.

2/2 परिजनों को सुचना दी गयी है I परिजनों के आने के बाद विधिक कार्यवाई अमल में लायी जाएगी

The families of the minors were finally informed about the situation after going through a few rounds of questions.

Twitter came together to hail the hero behind the relief as praises poured in for Adarsh Srivastava.

He deserves an honour.

Great job.
Salute to Adarsh Shrivastava.
Govt. of India or Indian Railways should honour Mr. Shrivastava with the award.

Faith in humanity, restored.

This is the best possible way to use our social media, inspiration to all and salute to adarsh Shrivastava, we all proud of you 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Salute to the man.

Congratulations Adarsh Shrivastava @AdarshS74227065 You saved 25 girls 👭. Salutes.

If everybody is as vigilant as you & govt/police responds, crime rate will decrease.

— ajitsinh Jagirdar #Translator #अनुवादक 🇮🇳 (@AjitsinhJagirda) July 6, 2018

Mr. Adarsh saved the life of 25 girls and all bcoz of his smart move. He tweeted to Rail Ministry, Piyush Goyal , PMO and then action happended very quickly…
Salute to this unsung hero 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏#ChangeBeginsFromYourOwnDoorSteps

His first tweet did miracles.

This is his first tweet from this account. He created a Twitter account to reach out to authorities and saved 25 girls’ lives. He’s a hero. Taking lesson from ⁦@AdarshS74227065⁩ and making sure I’ll never stay quiet if I suspect a crime taking place.

According to The Indian Express, 26 girls were found and all of them were from West Champaran in Bihar. All the girls found, fall in the age bracket of 22 and 55 years and were taken from Narkatikyaganj to Idgah.

We would like to take out a moment to bow down to Adarsh Shrivastava for his incredible act of presence, bravery, and humanity. Hats off, sir.

Vigilant Passenger’s Tweet Rescues Lives Of 26 Minor Girls, Twitter Hail The Super Hero