WTF (Winter Season Trail Fest) Half Marathon Recap

Photo Credit: Jeff Green (left; DH is in the middle, I’m on the end)

You never know what to expect with Michigan weather. When we signed up for this trail race a few months ago, we had no idea if it would be blizzard conditions (like the January 50K I did in the same area) or nice. Lucky for me it turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day! Only a very few spots of the trail were muddy, and the 40 degree temperature and sunshine were heavenly to run in. Even better was that the race started at noon, so we got to sleep in. Yay!

The route was mostly on the North Country Trail, not the Mountain Bike Trail so it was a different section of Yankee Springs than we usually run. The elevation change wasn’t bad at all, and I only had to walk a couple of hills. Even though the course flowed well, because I haven’t been running trails much these past few weeks I could tell that I was working extra muscles.

I started out running with my friend Amber, and somehow we missed the first aid station. Then I ducked into the woods for an impromptu “aid station” and never did catch up to Amber, but I did catch up to my friend Eileen. I felt great the whole race.

Now, one of the reasons they call this race “WTF” is because there is a creek crossing towards the end. Yes, in Michigan in March. You can choose to either cross the creek or take a detour that adds .2 miles. I chose to add the extra (figuring I had missed a little somewhere along the way). DH chose to do the crossing. Here is his video:

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Everyone said it wasn’t that bad, so next year I’ll have to give it a try. Of course, now that I say that, it probably WILL be a blizzard! I loved the medals, nice hoodie, and the post-race ramen cup was brilliant. Definitely on my short list of “must do” races.

The Weekly Wrap

So in addition to the race, here’s what else I did last week:

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Got up early since I had to teach class in the evening. Did a nice easy four miles.

Wednesday: Hills and Stairs, 3.5 miles of running followed by beer at Founders

Thursday: Realized I am leaving for Montana next week followed by Colorado so frantically got caught up on stuff around the house. Decided to skip my run.

Friday: Rest day. Breakfast with running group, then more catch up at home.

Saturday: Half marathon (see recap above).

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Sunday: 8.5 mile run.

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Sunday was super busy because I had to squeeze in a run, then we went to a campground sales pitch at noon, visited my mom for her birthday, THEN took my father in law out for dinner for his birthday. Whew!

How was your week? Any fun races lately? Would you have chosen the extra mileage or the river crossing?

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