Technology The Modern Man Needs

Image via: Pixabay

Technology is something we have in abundance in this day and age. It’s something we often take for granted, when we collapse onto the sofa with TV remote in hand, or put some bread down to toast, even with a basic model. All of these conveniences are made possible by developments in technology, so it’s no wonder that that world is marching on and on to the future.

But there’s so much more you can do with technology to make your life easier and much more comfortable, and thus become the modern man everybody wants to be. If you’ve got some time and money on your hands, this is a great step forwards for both your private and public life. All kinds of tech can be used at home and at work, and there’s so much more wearable technology out there to make you a walking and talking digital wonder…

But getting to that place can be hard, seeing as we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to picking the best technology. Not to mention that we don’t have enough money to make mistakes here! So now that you’ve got all your setup, and you’re having the best fun since you first played ball as a kid, it’s time to focus on the other digitized areas of life. What could technology do for you to help out in other areas of your life? Let’s have a look below.

Cleaning the House

When it comes to doing domestic tasks, there’s a lot we don’t want to face up to. No one feels like vacuuming the living room after a full day of week, and then knowing you have to cook dinner afterwards just zaps you of all the energy you might have had up until that point. So it’s time to invest in the technology that’s going to make the upkeep of your living space a lot easier; here’s some items worth your time.

Number one: . Constantly mentioned on the TV and used as a funny prop in a lot of media, having a robot to clean the floors, both carpet and hardwood, is so useful! You’re going to love seeing the little circular agent running around your rooms, a gentle hum in the background as you go about your other tasks (that should have been done months ago, let’s face it!). You’re only going to have to turn it on and off, and also rescue it from corners or walls it’s got itself stuck on. Or you could get one that connects to your wifi, and takes commands from digital assistants; we’re looking at you Alexa!

Secondly, you might want to get yourself . Rooms can be so stuffy these days, what with all the changing weather and old housing around, and opening a window can make the air inside both better and worse in equal measure. Don’t underestimate how much easier it can be to breathe when you’re using an air humidifier to lighten the atmosphere; you’re going to feel a lot healthier with clean breathing room.

Telling the Time

Telling the time is something we mostly turn to our phones for these days, but you should never underestimate the power of using a watch to keep track of your day. A quick flick of your wrist and you know it’s time for lunch; it’s simply much more convenient to check your bare wrist than wrestle with your pocket in order to get your phone out. And at the end of the day, that’s what technology is for. So going in for a would be a good idea here; it’s an old idea with a long history of usefulness, but some modern refining has only helped the design. Not to mention it’s going to hold up under any kind of condition, so you’ll rarely have to take it off.

You might also want to invest in a new alarm clock here, or some kind of alarm function to get you out of bed in the morning. The current generation is notoriously terrible for being able to wake up on time, and a lot of that isn’t our fault, and we often need a helping hand out of bed. Thankfully, you can throw out that old ringing bell and forget setting the snooze function on your phone’s built in alarm function; you can now get rugs you have to put your feet on in the morning in order to shut off the tone that woke you, and that gets you out of bed!

Power on the Go

Being able to use your phone or your laptop wherever you go sounds impossible, but there’s quite a few pieces of kit out there that might just do the trick for making sure you’re able to get in touch anywhere in the world. Most notably, whilst you’re commuting.

If you’re headed to the beach for a good holiday, or you’re just making use of a sunny day in the week to have some fun, take this along with you to make sure you can Instagram the entire thing. Your phone will never run out of battery when you’ve got the sun in the sky to make sure of it!

But if that sounds way too cumbersome for you, and you want something you can actually handle, you can get a charging phone case for your smartphone. Simply slip it into the holder and then leave it be for a while, and them bam: fully charged battery. Not to mention you’re going to have proper protection if you drop your phone at the same time, so no fiddling to get the charger in and then smashing the screen in your haste to save your phone on 1%.

Tracking Your Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is something we should try to do more, and it’s often something we want above anything else. If you’ve had some quality sleep the night before, waking up is easy, getting to work is easy, and even coming home again doesn’t have to be such a relief filled event as usual. It’s time for you to get the rest you deserve, and to do that, you’re going to need to start with tracking how you’re currently sleeping.

And sure, without an electrode cap that’s going to be hard to do properly, but there’s plenty of technology out there to show you the basics. Whilst you can easily download an app on your phone, it’d be better to invest in something with a prime purpose for measuring your kip. Something like a fitbit would be good here; the ionic brand has the ability to break down your sleep stages for you, showing you what your body is doing during them and how long they last. And seeing as it’s strapped to your wrist, it’s going to be able to measure those facts with some precision.

But if you’re the kind of person who needs zero contact in order to relax properly, there’s still plenty of non wearable and accurate devices out there. You can find something to put that allows you to track your heart rate, giving you a lot of complex data to sift through in the morning. If you like some real detail about what your dreams are doing to you, this is the way ahead!

Fixing a Drink

Last, but certainly not least, the technology out there that can fix you a drink. And not just that, but tech that can filter your water and make it a lot fresher for you to drink just by sitting in a bottle. And seeing as we all need more water in our diets, one of these bottles is going to be the best thing to buy before anything else.

You can go quite simple here as well, and buy yourself that’s going to fix you a smoothie whenever you need it, or simply extract that lemon and lime juice for you. Save yourself a good ten minutes in the kitchen here which could be put to better use elsewhere, relaxing. And they’re not too expensive either, so you’re going to be just fine putting this investment in your kitchen without any guilt over not using it often enough!

Ready to Be the Modern Man?

If you are, the current state of the digital and technological world is ready for you too! Now’s the time to be at the front of the market in developments, and make your life a whole lot more convenient to live with these kinds of products. Sure, sometimes they’re a waste of money, but only you can be the judge of that!

So take a chance today, and even head along to conferences and conventions to try out free samples and have sessions with the gear you’re interested in. It’s worth it if you want to drop a few hundred in bucks right there and then!