Celeb Big Bro’s India Willougby reveals her new face after surgical treatment overhaul

INDIA Willougby has actually unveiled her new face after a surgery overhaul to obtain a more feminine look following abuse from trolls.The Celebrity Big Sibling star displayed her dramatic brand-new look on This Early morning today. India Willoughby displayed

her brand-new face on Today India, 51, flew to Spain to undergo a raft of proceduresto make her features more feminine.The operations consisted of contouring her forehead, upper eyelid surgery, a face lift, lip lift and having her hair line redefined.On This Early morning, the former Channel 5 speaker stated the online abuse she received following her stint in CBB previously this year persuaded her she required to alter her face.She selected a radical feminisation treatment and stated:” I’m doing this to suit.”She flew to Spain for an extreme

overhaul Today was the very first time she’s displayed her make over She went through upper eyelid surgery, a face

lift and lip lift amongst other procedures After unveiling her make over on This Morning, she described her reasons for having such drastic surgery.She stated:”I liked my old face if I’m honest, the words online really cut deep to me.”That level was actually tough, the very first time I came across misgendering [

. in the CBB home]”When I went into the home I was perfectly happy with how I looked, but the sheer volume of trolling -I remained in bed for 3 days.”She blamed trolls for making her go under the knife

India is adamant that she will not be going under the knife again.She included:”There’s no more surgical treatment for me … Surgery can be additive,

some individuals fall into that hole but I’m favorable I will not.”My prerequisite for the surgery was that I still look like me.India was formerly called Jonathan Willoughby when she presented the news in the North

East and Cumbria on ITV Border.In 2010, she stopped her regional job in Carlisle, Cumbria, after Ten Years of the presenting its news show.Five years later, she went back to TV and announced that she had actually transitioned to female and was now called India.We pay for videos

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