Changes to Ontario’s beer: The great, the bad, and the WTF

n case you are uninformed– or you resemble me and were consuming generous amounts of fantastic American craft beer at the yearly Craft Brewers Conference in Portland when it happened– recently the province revealed some proposed changes to the way beer is sold in Ontario.Mostly contained in a statement wherein Premier Kathleen Wynne verified that we ‘d be seeing beer offered in grocery stores (if the Liberal budget plan is passed, which it will considering that they have a majority), the full details of the proposed changes were outlined in the report Striking the Right Balance: Improving Beer Retailing and Circulation in Ontario. Provided my Portland sojourn, I’m admittedlya

little late to the party evaluating the effect of these possible modifications, however better late than never.If you’re interested,Canadian Beer News has John released an interesting post in which he takes an appearance at how we got here(and gets a fantastic go to from a trolling Beer Store worker in the comments area for his efforts!) In considering the report and its impact, I decided to approach the concern as I do most other things: I broke a beer and first read what each else was saying– but then I decided to take an important appearance at each of the proposed significant changes individually.Here’s why I believe the proposed changes are great, why they might be bad, and why they have me asking”wtf? “1.

Ontario is expanding beer sales to up to an additional 450 grocery stores throughout the province.450 grocery shops are now

going to carry beer, conserving you a journey and offering you more convenience.There are more than 450 grocery stores in Ontario. Who

will decide which ones get beer? Grocery stores already run on a system where merchants pay for shelf space.
Is the AGCO going to start enforcing illegal incentivizing of beer sales that currently runs rampant in bars?There is no timeline for this strategy, other than that we’ll start with 150 stores at some point in the next 2 years.2. The province’s beer scene will no longer be mostly managed by a foreign-owned monopoly.The days of
The Beer Store being the place where 80%of Ontario’s beer is bought are clearly over. Customers will now have choice about where to buy beer and

we ‘ll have an as-yet-unnamed” beer ombusdman “to hear our grievances about the system.Control is largely being handed

over to”