This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Laurie Metcalf and Tom Segura on ‘WTF’

maron-metcalf The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike deep space universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller sized, a bit more manageable. There are a great deal of fantastic shows and each has a great deal of terrific episodes, so we desire to highlight the extraordinary, the noteworthy. Weekly our crack group of podcast enthusiasts and experts and particularly enthusiastic people will choose their favorites. We wish to have your ears permanently plugged with the finest in aural comedy.Marc: Both of

Marc Maron‘s visitors on Monday’s installment of WTF are discovering themselves in fairly brand-new territory lately. Tom Segura has actually been playing theater venues– much bigger than the funny clubs he’s used to– on the heels of numerous Netflix specials he’s done, which have actually served to construct up his audience. Still, he doesn’t discover himself getting that much further ahead, as the commissions to his representative and such get larger, plus there’s his little kid to raise, along with better half and fellow comic Christina Pazsitzky. Maron’s primary guest, Laurie Metcalf, is unused to the attention being shined on her following her supporting turn as the mommy in 2015’s Woman Bird. We get to find out about her role as one of the founding members of the renowned Steppenwolf Theatre crew, doing time there with Gary Sinise and John Malkovich. And as a self-avowed “theater rat,” that’s where this skilled thespian has actually put in a lot of her work. Then there’s the TELEVISION side– Roseanne fornine seasons(10, counting the review to that program turning up on ABC this March), and as Sheldon’s mom, repeating on Big Bang Theory.(The delightfullydark comedy series, Getting On, that had 3 seasons on HBO, never ever gets mentioned.)And although she had actually done a motion picture or 2 along the way, she pretty much credits her turn in episode 3 of Louis C.K.’s pay-per-view series Horace and Pete for getting her a bat in the major leagues(“I seem like I’ve been eating at the kids’table, and now I’m at the developed table,” she says)as the passive-aggressive and rather distasteful mom in Woman Bird. Maron refers to her at the close of the program as being” a sweet genius”and that seems like an apt description. [ Apple Podcasts]″>Leigh: Now that we’re this deep into January, we have actually stopped pretending we appreciate resolutions. However that doesn’t imply we have to give up on attempting to get all elements of our lives in order. This week Glowing Up hosts Caroline Goldfarb and Esther Povitsky are signed up with by Bad with Loan host Gaby Dunn to obtain all sorts of glowy about all things loan. All of us have it , all of us want more of it, and we all have so numerous questions about how to do that. Particularly when it comes to people who do comedy. How are they really making their money? How are they managing their cash? How do they have time to compose jokes all the time? Chances are you’ve wondered these things but maybe have never ever said them out loud. Because cash is something no one talks about because it’s odd and it’s ugly. As Gaby Dunn is here to point out, it doesn’t have to be. She’ll even stroll you through a couple of scary things to obtain started. Plus, Caroline’s story about dealing with customer care to obtain back cash from a health club subscription is not just hilarious, it’s straight-up motivating. By the end, you may just be fired up enough to start canceling all your very own pointless subscriptions. [ Apple Podcasts] Pablo: For 95 %of individuals dealing with a TV show, the task