WTF? @MegaBus strands @RedState contributor and an entire busload of passengers in Maryland

Sarah Quinlan, a contributor to our sister website RedState, is stranded in Maryland after the MegaBus she was riding to D.C. inexplicably stopped in White Marsh and informed travelers to find their own flight to the country’s capital:

June 9, 2018 Obviously @megabus isn’t supplying one!!! We have actually been informed to organize our own transport from White Marsh.– Sarah Quinlan(@sarahmquinlan) June 9, 2018 Josh Perry, who is with Sarah on the bus, reports that the motorist is”livid “over having

to desert the travelers … And the motorist is LIVID.– Josh Perry(@MrJoshPerry) June 9, 2018 … however his recommendation is for travelers to get in touch with the media in the hope of getting a brand-new bus: We have actually never heard of anything like this, but all the best, guys.Update: Here’s why: The bus motorist

is apparently over his hours(there was a dreadful mishap on I95 near Newark), so he can’t continue to DC like he was supposed to.– Sarah Quinlan(@sarahmquinlan) June 9, 2018 *** The post


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