WTF Search Terms– Dorky Mom Doodles


Full disclosure: all these search terms will not fall under “WTF,” but at least a couple will. Considering That “WTF Browse Terms” was more most likely to get your attention than “Mostly Mildly Intriguing Search Terms,” I chose it.More often than not, the search terms that result in my blog appear as “Unknown Search terms,” but occasionally, I’ll get to see the actual term somebody browsed for that led them to Dorky Mama Doodles. The majority of them do not even qualify as mildly interesting, so I won’t consist of those here, however there are a few that either made me chuckle, piqued my interest, or made me a bit confused.Is this somebody’s

way of letting me know they seethe at me? I think of utilizing”mommy doodle” as part of an expression would lead somebody to my site, so adding on” damn it”( or something like” jerkface that I hope breaks her thumbs “)would be a cool passive-aggressive way of letting me know they were ticked at me. Possibly that holds true, possibly not, but I did look for this myself and found that I state”damn it “rather frequently, as this search yielded rather a couple of outcomes causing this site.I can only imagine that whoever searched for this was wanting to discover rates on meat and cheese trays, or perhaps they were searching for dishes that needed meat and cheese. I have no idea which blog post it led to for sure, but I’m guessing it was probably one where I spoke about being a choosy eater. Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure that they didn’t discover exactly what they were looking for.I ‘d like to state that the person who entered this search term did indeed feel better after visiting this blog. Well, unless they’re fans of good drawings and sophisticated humor … in which case, maybe not.This one has me curious. I ‘d assume that someone looking for “young child poops in underwear” is either looking into the best ways to tidy poopy underwear or how to keep the kid from pooping in underwear again. The “superhero”part is what made me snicker. I would not imagine one would need to be that specific when investigating this concern, but they were.There is no concern about which post this search term caused. Last year when I did my Calling All Dorks series, I doodled my