Yet Another Zombie Defense HD for Xbox One Reviews

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Yet Another Zombie Defense HD

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  1. There is no doubt that Yet Another Zombie Defense HD is more crisp and graphically pleasing than the first, but where the game could have had more distinct zombies, different backgrounds, and more customization, it stayed with the same ole’ boring. For four bucks you can have a decent time with the game, just don’t expect it to be a regular pull on game night.

  2. With this game originally releasing on February 3, 2010, you can see that the years haven’t been kind. With less content than a Chinese fortune cookie, and less entertaining as well, I’d personally save the $4.99 and spend it on something else, unless you just have to try the game, but you’ve been warned.

  3. Yet Another Zombie Defense HD is a bog-standard game that doesn’t particularly do much to stand out. Sure, there’s support for both local and online play across three game modes in total, but its lack of innovation and depth does little to elevate the experience above its peers. In fairness, the game is fun in short bursts and comes with a decent gameplay foundation. Just don’t expect to be blown away.

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