WTF Wednesday, what does it cost? would you pay to race?

The Dopey Difficulty includes a 5K, a 10K, a half marathon and a full marathon. The cost to run the Dopey Difficulty at Walt Disney World this year was $560.

Five hundred and sixty dollars. I kid you not. I think you might look at it in this manner, it does consist of 4 races and usually you would most likely pay near to that to run 4 races, or not. I believe I’ve paid 30-40 dollars for 5K’s, maybe 45-50 for a few 10K’s, around 100 for half marathons and upwards of 150 for complete marathons. Based upon my experience I could run those four types of races for around $340 tops or at least that’s what I myself would pay. Of course they would not be in Disney and I would not get the special medal for finishing all four races in four days.But let’s

also keep in mind that park entryway is NOT included because $560.

That’s exactly what I said!Don’t get me incorrect, I’m not slamming run Disney and I understand there are a great deal of people who like to run their races and absolutely obsess over anything Disney. I am not one of those people. It brings up a fascinating point. How much is excessive to pay for a race and more significantly, why do you pay to race?I saw this post in the Orlando Sentinel recently.I need to be honest, I have actually invested a couple thousand dollars in a single year for races but you need to wonder when it becomes too much. I ran a lot of races back in 2013 and I ended up with pesky injuries that wouldn’t disappear therefore I decreased on the racing and now I choose quality over quantity. If I cannot be in it 100%,( physically, mentally, and more), it doesn’t matter what does it cost? it cost, it isn’t worth it. My more youthful self would never ever have felt that way but I have actually sort of grown into that as I have actually gotten older.I appearance at many elements prior to deciding

if I race now. I wish to run a race that is enjoyable and a course that is tough but not absurd. I look at the expense vs what I get in return,(tech t-shirts, medal, food, and so on )and I look at evaluations about the race previously making a decision.One of the most essential things you can do is to investigate a race you’ve never run by looking up evaluations from runners who’ve run it in the past. You’ll be able to discover features of the course, the race directors, the after celebrations, and a whole host of other details. Race reviews are invaluable.I also look at the location. If a race is within a short range from my home in Clearwater or Nokomis, I’m in.

I will also travel to a race in Tennessee, Ohio, or perhaps Virginia given that I have household there, however it would have to satisfy all of my credentials just as the regional races do.In the post in the Orlando Sentinel they mention how races help runners hold themselves responsible considering that they’ve told everyone their running and it assists some people stick to training. That wouldn’t truly work for me considering that I’m already a perfectionist. I don’t truly need a race to hold me liable however if it works for them, then I state opt for it.But no matter what you guaranteed me, I would never ever pay 560 dollars to run a race. That’s a cars and truck payment or a mortgage for Christ sake! I enjoy running

and likewise racing but I don’t feel the have to spend tons of money to like it even more.WTF, it’s Wednesday, what does it cost? would you pay for a race and why?