Celeb Outrage Cartel Explodes Over Kavanaugh Nomination


The celeb social media lynch mob has forgotten about 24-hour symbolic hunger strikes for the bad children at the border and have actually moved on to their most current psychotic episode, the vacant seat on the Supreme Court.Twitter was once again ablaze as the narcissistic neurotic nincompoops that consist of the dregs of Tinseltown went completely batshit after President Trump tabbed well-respected federal judge Brett Kavanaugh who is being portrayed as the devil who will turn the paranoid fantasy of”The Handmaid’s Tale “into genuine life and send females back to self-service coathanger abortions.Of course, it’s all bullshit and the Democrats and

their cretinous emotion-driven rat pack ALWAYS utilize the turnaround of Roe v. Wade as a scare tactic to mobilize the mouth-breathers and specifically in an election year.OK Ladies and Gentlemen who look after and regard ladies, it is official.

The move back to Middle ages Values, Shariah Law even, where old, bitter males get to inform females what is finest for their bodies, lives, and well being is as done a deal as this is Twitter. Unless we say NO! NO!Even CONSIDERING this election will cement the very first American dictatorship #KavaNO Brett Kavanaugh, in just on simply one case, attacked women’s rights, health care, and immigration. He is the trifecta of dreadful, and he must never rest on the Supreme Court. It’s official. Trump, who is now under investigation for obstruction of justice and conspiring with an opponent to destroy Democracy, has selected the judges who could rule on whether he can be required to affirm, be prosecuted or pardon himself.

Autocracy here we come. VOTE!!! People, we are moving towards a dictatorship if the Dems don’t take back the House. Go out of your home right now and get folks to sign up to vote! https://t.co/53o07OjBzo!.?.!A senator once called Brett Kavanaugh “the Forrest Gump of Republican politics. “Which I think makes Merrick Garland”the Cast Away of Democratic politics.”Opposing himself as a partisan lackey all by himself– simply lay his job record versus his legal positions– who you going to think-him or your lying eyes- worked for Ken star- however a president should not be indicted– Trump chose his own Supreme con https://t.co/nYeWF3G0rq!.?.!This is a law evaluation article written by candidate Kavanaugh. He does not think

the president needs to even be criminally prosecuted, let alone arraigned, while in office. I think that’s why Trump likes him. pic.twitter.com/swkMCKShZv!.?.!Just remember that the congressional agents for Hollywood and Beverly Hills are named