Illustrator’s Ultra Cool Website Is The Epitome Of Standing Out From The Crowd

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You might’ve seen your fair share of brilliant web designs and online portfolios, but Mariano Pascual’s website is one to take the cake.

The Argentinean illustrator has capitalized on the completely customizable abilities offered by websites to aptly reflect not only his work, but also who he is as an artist.

On , you’ll find yourself face-to-face with a user interface resembling that of a desktop, detailed all the way down to real-time clock, toolbar, and battery life icon. Navigate the website through its dock lined up with various “applications” such as ‘Open Explorer’, ‘Quick View My Projects’, ‘Visit the Gallery’, and even ‘Trash’.

Pascual credits communication and interactive design agency Achos!, visual designer and front-end developer Chanel Mepschen, and animator Tomás Picasso for helping him to bring this highly personalized website to life.

In an interview with It’s Nice That, Pascual explained that he had developed and gone ahead with this operating system because it not only showcases his portfolio effectively, but also instantly gives viewers an idea of his style upon entering the site.

“Actually you don’t need to see any of my projects to have an idea of my skills… the website turned out to be a piece of art itself.”

This nifty website even hides some fun Easter eggs that turns the design into a fun, interactive user experience. For example, clicking on the ‘Settings’ icon in the dock will let you play around with the website’s background color, access full screen, adjust brightness and screen area, as well as apply filters.

Check out snippets of the website’s features below and dive into Pascual’s world here.

[via It’s Nice That, videos via Mariano Pascual, main image via video screenshot]