Mega Man X6 Review (Xbox One)

Mega Man X6 Review (Xbox One)

Gameplay: 3/5 – The gameplay would essentially be the same as X5, duck and all. Unfortunately there are some really annoying features this time around. The Falcon Armor for one thing (which you get at the game’s start) isn’t as useful as the Fourth Armor in X5. Mainly, the problems lie with the ridiculously tiny Super Shot (which is impossible to hit enemies with). Also, the air-dash seems more trouble than its worth, which is a statement I never believed I would say in a Mega Man game. The only levels where it was even mildly useful were Scaravich and Heatnix.

In addition, X can use the saber but it seems to do ridiculously little damage to be effective (also, you can’t use it while ducking).

Conversely, playing as Zero can at least be moderately better because of his double jump. Mostly, the gameplay issues become apparent with the frustrating level design (see Replay value).

Graphics: 4/5 – The game has nice graphic variety, albeit a few of the stages feel very same-y. Commander Yammark’s and Wolfang’s levels are pretty nice though as is Turtloid’s.

Animation: 3½/5 – There are plenty of story cutscenes and in-game enemy animations are still good but there’s also some recycling being done from the previous two games which is becoming a bit obvious.

Music: 3/5 – A few of the themes are pretty nice. Commander Yammark and Shield Sheldon sound particularly nice. However, the soundtrack’s gotten quite laid back and unmemorable. Blaze Heatnix has the only solid rock track, too bad his level isn’t any fun.

Sound: 3½/5 – In a bit of lazy localization, all the characters speak in Japanese in both versions of the game. It’s actually pretty novel and sounds kinda nice. But of course, I tend to skip the cutscenes.

Replay value: 1½/5 – This game suffers probably from some of the most sadistic level design in any Mega Man game. For starters, the Nightmares (floating tentacle robots) are very true to their name. They can fly through walls and attack you from angles which makes it impossible to defend yourself. And if you don’t pick up the orbs they leave behind, they’ll respawn. Then there’s the levels themselves. Metal Shark Player’s falling ceilings and Blaze Heatnix’s orb-shooting junk-piles honestly broke me. The Heatnix level is literally nothing but a gauntlet of Mini Boss Fight, except you’re fighting the same Mini Boss over and over again. In Wolfang’s level you’re always having ice dropped on you and you can’t wall-jump. Turtloid’s level has acid rain which slowly drains your health. Mijinion’s level has a giant robot barraging you with projectiles and the Robot Museum is literally nothing but projectiles coming out of nowhere and full of Nightmares. Commander Yammark’s and Sheldon’s levels are the only ones that resemble a normal Mega Man X level. At best, the levels require insane amounts of trial and error until you learn the safe protocol to pass, at their worst they are impossible to beat without the correct weapons.

Score: 62% – There are definitely Mega Man games out there whose individual aspects are worse than this game. But few have as heavy a concentration of “not fun”.

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