BREAKING: Trump Is On The Verge Of Blowing The Lid Off The Russia Investigation

President Trump may be about to blow the lid off of the entire Russian scam if there is any truth to a report that he may be close to declassifying explosive information from the heavily-redacted FISA application that was released two weeks ago.

The Justice Department grudgingly coughed up the document that used bogus information to dupe a FISA court into approving surveillance on the Trump campaign after a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit bought by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch.

Even though the release was mostly covered in black ink, there was enough meat to see that slippery James Comey’s FBI abused the nation’s surveillance apparatus to engage in political skullduggery that would lead to the Mueller witch hunt and the ongoing plot to manufacture “evidence” to impeach President Trump.

De facto attorney general Rod Rosenstein has been withholding the critical information from Congress in the hope that the Democrats will win back the House in November and halt attempts at oversight. HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes has already gone on record as stating that the information contained in just 20 pages of the documentation would “shock” the public if it was declassified.

Well, the day of that shock may be rapidly approaching according to a potential blockbuster scoop from investigative reporter Paul Sperry who tweeted:

Look this month for POTUS to declassify …

— 20 redacted pages of June 2017 FISA renewal

… and possibly …

— 63 pages of emails and notes b/t Ohr & Steele

— FD-302 summaries of 12 FBI interviews w/ Ohr re Steele

… and watch Dems and media toadies become apoplectic

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) August 5, 2018

Sperry believes that President Trump may declassify: 20 redacted pages of a June, 2017 FISA renewal, “and possibly” 63 pages of emails and notes between “Ohr & Steele,” and FD-302 summaries of 12 interviews – In reference to twice-demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr and/or his wife Nellie, both of whom were working with opposition research firm Fusion GPS to investigate Trump, as pointed out by ZeroHedge.

If Sperry is right, then not only the 20 pages that Nunes spoke of will be declassified but also a considerable amount of communications between Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and slimy British spook Christopher Steele who has never been given his due as the agent of a foreign power that meddled in the election.

On Friday, Nunes talked with Sean Hannity on his radio show in a very interesting chat during which he spoke of the FISA information and the potential for it to collapse the whole Russian house of cards with Comey and Rosenstein under it.

CHECK IT OUT (audio only)

Other members of Congress has also called on President Trump to release the unreacted versions:

It has come to the point that @realDonaldTrump himself needs to & should declassify the Carter Page FISA warrant applications & ONLY redact sources & methods that must be redacted. There is NO good reason why the public has not yet seen this information.

— Lee Zeldin (@RepLeeZeldin) July 23, 2018

“It has come to the point that President Donald Trump himself needs to and should declassify the Carter Page FISA warrant applications and ONLY redact sources and methods that must be redacted. There is NO good reason why the public has not yet seen this information,” he tweeted.

All hell could be about to break loose!

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