Nintendo just leaked a major Super Smash Bros. Ultimate secret

It sounds like Simon Belmont will be cracking his whip in Smash Bros.
It sounds like Simon Belmont will be cracking his whip in Smash Bros.

A new third party franchise seems to be coming to Smash Bros., but don’t read on if you don’t want today’s Nintendo Direct spoiled…

At first glance this may seem a fairly vague kind of leak but there really isn’t any explanation for it other than Castlevania is now part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The leak came about from what seems to be a mix-up with the naming of music files on the official Smash Bros. YouTube channel.

Fans on Reddit noticed that the video for Galaga’s music had its name changed to Bloody Tears/Monster Dance, even though the music itself was still Galaga (it’s since been changed back again).

What’s Bloody Tears and Monster Dance, you may ask? Well, they’re two famous tracks from Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest on the NES – the first entry in the series that was a Metroidvania style title instead of a straight action game.

At the very least this suggests that a Castlevania character, probably Simon Belmont, is in the game but for months now it’s been rumoured that he’s a fully playable character.

The leak offers no proof of that though, and it’s possible he or another character could just be a trophy assist such as the recently revealed Bomberman (also a Konami character)., leave a comment below, and follow us on Twitter