Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct sets off hopeful Waluigi fans

Nintendo appears to be toying with us, placing purple and yellow chairs in the background of today’s Super Smash Bros. Direct presentation. Purple and yellow, of course, are the colors of Wauigi, the long-maligned Nintendo anti-hero and the subject of a campaign to add him to the roster.

The decision to feature those colors reads, to fans, as an opaque response from the company. Does Nintendo support Waluigi? Hate him? Is this a clue? A joke?

Or is it just two chairs?

Gallery Photo: Waluigi in Mario Kart 8
You can’t outrun your loneliness, Waluigi. No matter how had you try.

Despite invitations extended to characters from Castlevania, Princess Daisy and even that gigantic monster Ridley, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s developers still refuse to include Waluigi in all the fighting. Waluigi’s tireless defenders find this an upsetting reality. As they look for any glimmers of hope — even though Waluigi is already in the game as a helpful, non-playable Assist Trophy — these same people see the colorful chairs on the wall behind Sakurai and can’t help but get excited. To them, it sure seems like Nintendo is tipping its hat toward their love for Waluigi.

This guy pointed it out on reddit ( But take a look at these chairs next to Sakurai! WHO HAS A YELLOW AND PURPLE CHAIR? This has to have been done on purpose, I have a feeling that Waluigi isn’t actually an assist trophy and Sakurai’s been trolling us

— ZoomZike (@ZoomZike) August 8, 2018

Yep okay Sakurai is trolling all the Waluigi fans. Look at the chairs

— qWo | Dread (@DreadFighterFE) August 8, 2018

Purple chair next to a yellow one is no accident. Waluigi confirmed

— Seth Robison (@seth410) August 8, 2018


— Banana split (@domco725) August 8, 2018

Perhaps Nintendo is now ready to embrace Waluigi itself. It’s also possible that the company is really only referencing Wario, who also wears both yellow and purple. In fact, Waluigi only has the smallest hint of yellow in his outfit. This certainly seems much more like a Wario nod, if you ask me … but it’s not my opinion that matters. I’m not a Waluigi fan, because I have refined tastes. The Waluigi fans among us, however, are free to hold onto what appears to be these consciously included chairs, and we invite their speculation. Maybe there’s still time for Waluigi to have his day in the Super Smash Bros. sun — after all, “Everyone is here!”

Alternately, you could see that yellow chair as green instead, and then you’ll end up with this interpretation:

Screenshot from Slack
Are we wrong? I don’t think so.