#WhyImSingle started trending and the results are hilarious

Chat show host Jimmy Fallon asked Twitter users to reveal the reasons behind why they’re single and as you can expect the answers were amazing.

It’s Hashtags time! In honor of “The Bachelorette” finale, tweet out a funny, weird, or embarrassing reason you’re single and tag it with #WhyImSingle. Could be on the show!

— jimmy fallon (@jimmyfallon) August 7, 2018

We all have dating horror stories so when this hashtag first started trending it was bound to be hilarious.

Here are some of our favourites.

[h2]Some people are just a little bit ‘different’.[/h2]

I have a cat named Her Majesty Queen Meow Meow von Buckingham III, Esq. #WhyImSingle

— Erin (@Erin1237) August 7, 2018

[h2]Some just read the signals wrong.[/h2]

I asked a cute guy if I could borrow a pen, when I finished using it, he smiled and held his hand out. I thought he wanted to hold my hand, so I did…he was just waiting for me to return his pen #WhyImSingle

— Ann (@DontLarfAtMeh) August 7, 2018

[h2]Sometimes there is such a thing as too much honesty.[/h2]

Gave a girl a heart shaped donut on Valentine’s Day. When she said how nice it was I told her not to read too much in to it because they gave it to me for free. #whyimsingle

— Rob Gill (@rgill926) August 7, 2018

[h2]Remember it’s a date not an investigation.[/h2]

I’ve see too many episodes of Criminal Minds, and apparently “How would you characterize your relationship with your mother?” isn’t great first date material. #WhyImSingle

— BellsyBelles (@BelleofBabble) August 7, 2018

[h2]Be a lover, not a fighter.[/h2]

Told the guy I was seeing at the time that I wasn’t leaving the house until I beat this game that had just came out. He asked me to go out with him to eat 2 days later and I said “what did I tell you?” As to which he replied: “you were serious?” #whyimsingle

— Kristina (@KaoticKristina) August 7, 2018

[h2]One liners are key.[/h2]

A cute girl at work walked by me while I was filling my water bottle. She smiled at me and rather than saying hi I let out a moan and said “Hydration am I right.” #WhyImSingle

— Zack Feldman (@ZFelds) August 7, 2018

[h2]That’s different I guess.[/h2]

I told her she gave me eagles instead of butterflies #WhyImSingle

— C.L. (@CCLoken) August 7, 2018

[h2]Sometimes showing off can lead to huge failure.[/h2]

Once I saw a cute girl at Target, I noticed she was a nurse. So planned to ask her a “medical” question while we were in the pharmacy section. As she turns the corner, I without looking grab the first box to ask my question. Only to realize I was in the condom aisle #WhyImSingle

— Jeremiah Michael Stoneburner (@jmstoneburner) August 7, 2018