BUSTED: Jim Acosta CAUGHT LYING ON AIR by Hispanic Floridian Trump Supporter

BUSTED: Jim Acosta CAUGHT LYING ON AIR by Hispanic Floridian Trump Supporter

Jim Acosta has been a fixture at Trump rallies, so he knows how big these rallies are. Yet while he was reporting about the rally, Acosta was overheard presenting fake news.

An Hispanic Trump supporter outed this CNN circus clown in the video exchange below:

Partial Transcript:

You don’t know any better, huh.

You didn’t do your research before coming here, huh?

it’s 30,000 peo…Was it full. Was it full. It looked full. (Off-Camera woman: It was full) It was full.

And there were people waiting outside. People couldn’t get in

I want to ask you, you say you are true a reporter, report the truth.

How many people was here?

Acosta: unintelligible

Hey Jim, Jim , I’m not being hard. Jimmy, 30,000 people capacity and you say 10.

Jimmy, 30,00 people and you say 10. Why, I’m just wondering why?

Jimmy, why? Why?

Jimmy, 30,000 people, why you say 10?

Acosta meanders over and shakes their hands. Hard to believe, given the narrative that Acosta feared for his life with Trump supporters.

As for the numbers, sadly, with something as mundane as reporting the head count, CNN connives to mislead the public. What do they expect to accomplish?

But more importantly, why do they suddenly have concern enough to fudge down considerably the actual number of attendees? If you recall CNN pundits’ statements during the campaign, these rallies mean nothing, right? Donald Trump got tens of thousands and Hillary Clinton got dozens, but we were told that Hillary Clinton was popular. How many pundits gave Clinton a 90+ percent chance of being president, despite seeing the number of people attending her events. You certainly couldn’t call Clinton’s events, “rallies”, given the number of people who showed up. When your entourage outnumbers attendees, you should know you’re in trouble.


If you believe Acosta and his fake new network, the 30,000 people who crammed into that rally weren’t really Trump fans. Why would they be?

So what Trump has lowered unemployment to crazy low levels. And there are more women, blacks and Latinos employed than ever before. Think there were any of that demographic present at the rally? Or save the videographer, the rally contained only racist white people?

Trump continues his phenomena of standing room only events. People remain excited about Trump’s presidency.

But Acosta knows that he must keep his audience believing in the impossible dream. They have their hopes set on winning the House and impeaching Trump with a witch hunt Russia investigation. At the very least control of the House will keep Trump from achieving god-like status if they can thwart his success.