Donald Trump Tweeted ‘Red Wave!’ — And Twitter Users Brought The Snark

In an attempt to send a positive message to his base about the 2018 midterms, President Donald Trump attracted a lot of snarky comments that were positively hilarious.

Trump posted this tweet on Wednesday, predicting a “red wave” following Tuesday’s primaries in a handful of states:

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 8, 2018

Those two words, typed in all caps, were enough to inspire internet comedians to new heights of clapback.

Stop eating the Red Hot Cheetos. Problem solved.

— Charu T. Khopkar (@ckhopkar) August 8, 2018

Some used GIFs of classic Stephen King movies to express themselves.

— Auntie Nell (@jannelle_cole) August 8, 2018

— Andrew Fazzolare (@AndrewFazzolare) August 8, 2018

A few people couldn’t help but remind Trump that the color red is associated with communism and Soviet Russia.

You mean communism is coming?

— FTUknights78 (@FTUknights78) August 8, 2018

— ‼️⚠️All Your Base⚠️‼️ (@christianjtrent) August 8, 2018

— Thorsten (@Airvooocht) August 8, 2018

— Russell Turns (@RussellTurns) August 8, 2018

And for some, Trump’s comments inspired comparisons to a different kind of red wave.

— Emily Connor (@gyroEMILYfeta) August 8, 2018

— Keli 🌊🌊🌊 (@Kelisia) August 8, 2018

One woman also made a compelling argument that Tuesday’s special election in Ohio didn’t qualify as a red wave, menstrually speaking.

LITERALLY this is the joke me and my HS girlfriends made when we had PMS…the red wave is coming. So boys didn’t know what we meant.

In my opinion, a solid R 14+lead district that fell within .05 points of a Dem challenger doesn’t even count as spotting, much less a red wave.😉

— Sara Hoback ✌🏽🌈🌸💜 (@HobackSara) August 8, 2018

If Donald Trump Tweeted Throughout History

If Donald Trump Tweeted Throughout History