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Promotional marketing trends are constantly changing. It’s an absolute necessity to stay on top of the latest and greatest trending products to make the most out of your next promotional marketing campaign. Things like location, weather, profession, and age of your target market are all important to consider when choosing a promotional product. When coming up with your initial strategy for a promotional marketing endeavor, think about whether you want to target a specific demographic or if you prefer to use a product that caters to everyone.

Every month brings new opportunities to use promotional products to your business’s advantage. However, it can take a significant amount of time to research the latest trending products every month. We decided to do that research for you and compile the latest list of trending promotional products for August 2018. August brings us an intriguing and diverse set of trending products, let’s take a look at some of them below.

Blend 4000mAh Wireless Power Bank

Blend 4000mAh Custom Power Bank Portable ChargerWireless and portable power banks are the ideal promotional product for today’s technology immersed society. They provide a portable power supply reserve for whenever you are on the go. This can be particularly essential for traveling business professionals, because business is more frequently done over smartphones and tablets rather than in person these days.

The Blend 4000mAh Wireless Power Bank is a well-designed promotional product that allows for great branding opportunities. It’s a bestseller for August and is likely to continue selling well for many months to come. If you’re looking for more budget friendly options, be sure to check our entire library of custom power banks to find the perfect fit for your brand.

Stratus Reversible Umbrella

You can never go wrong with a promotional product that is consistently useful. An umbrella will pretty much always come in handy, and can create some positive associations with your brand by saving your clients or potential customers from torrential downpours.

The Stratus Reversible Umbrella is a new take on the classic umbrella design, it’s a reversible umbrella that allows you to ensure that the moisture will drip away from you, your car, and your floors. It’s also self standing, which allows for easy drying.

Torch Leak-Proof Copper Vacuum Tumbler

August tends to be one of the hottest months of the year. The sun is out in full force, which means the need for a cold beverage is paramount. Another great trending promotional product for August is the Torch Leak-Proof Copper Vacuum Tumbler. This tumbler is awesome because it features a unique geometric design and keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours.It can also keep drinks hot for up to 8 hours, thanks to it’s powerful copper vacuum technology. Promotional tumblers come in hundreds of different styles, colors and sizes. And if you want to know more about tumbler insulation technology, we have a quick guide to get you up to speed.

Phone Stand Insignia

Anytime you can find a promotional product that improves the functionality of a smartphone, you are on your way towards great marketing. The Phone Stand Insignia is a stylish phone grip/stand that comes in a large selection of colors to help make your brand pop.It fits conveniently on the back of a smartphone and immediately provides increased functionality for smartphone users. You can twist and rotate the ring to either grip or prop up your phone, which allows for an easier way to view videos and photos. If you like the ring holder style, check out two of our other brand new phone stands that can be had for as low as $0.99/ea.

Oversized Lightweight Picnic Blanket with Stakes

August is one of the best months of the year to plan a picnic. Whether you want to spend some time in the great outdoors with your family or your significant other, a picnic is always a great idea. The Oversized Lightweight Picnic Blanket with Stakes is a product that can take any picnic to the next level. It folds out to create an instant personal picnic area. This product also comes with stakes, so the blanket won’t go anywhere while you are set up. It’s an oversized, water-resistant, and lightweight product that is a great choice for the month of August and into the fall season.

Tough Type-C USB Flash Drive

Dubbed as “the flash drive of the future”, this intelligently designed USB flash drive is reversible and can scale across all next generation devices. It’s a durable and functional product that your clients will love.

You can never have too many USB drives. The Tough Type-C USB Flash Drive is surely up there with the highest quality flash drives on the market today.

Retractable Wireless Earbuds with Magnet

Music makes the world go round. This has been a consistent trend for decades. Things haven’t changed in August 2018, as the Retractable Wireless Earbuds with Magnet are flying off of our shelves.

This trending product allows you to listen to music on the go and easily fasten the earbuds to the collar of your shirt while you are on go or working out, thanks to a handy magnet feature.

Aviana Vine Double Wall Stainless Wine Tumbler

There’s nothing like a glass of cold wine after a hot August day. With the Aviana Wine Double Wall Stainless Wine Tumbler, you are choosing a promotional product that will instantly become the go-to wine glass for it’s recipients. It’s double wall vacuum seal always keeps wine at the absolute perfect temperature. The base of the tumbler has a non-slip grip for extra stability to ensure that not a single valuable drop of wine is wasted. This product is great to use both indoors and outdoors.

Take advantage of any of these great trending products for August 2018 and you will be on your way towards a great promotional campaign for your business or brand. If you’d like to discuss how we can combine your logo or message with these amazing products, please contact iPromo today.