A huge, lovely collection of Sean Spicer’s most WTF moments

Throughout President Trump’s brief time in workplace, an MVP has actually stuck out in the administration like a head emerging from some neatly trimmed bushes: , Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Everybody other than Sean Spicer, apparently.Justin is a timeless, basic name– if anything you believe Spicer would have trouble with Trudeau, but no, we need to remember the press secretary differs from anyone else on this planet.Sure, he may have just elided Justin and Trudeau, making it sound like”Joe, “but that didn’t stop everyone having

as much fun as humanly possible with the slip. Previously in the month, Spicer likewise had some trouble with the name of Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull, who he called”Malcolm Trumble.”But hey, we get it, it’s difficult being in the hot spot literally every day. We would not do any much better.

Other than on the names of world leaders. Those we would definitely get right.Another cry for assistance Spicer again anxious America when his patriotic American flag pin got flip turned upside down

. No seriously, multiple reporters needed to bring it to his attention.Was it another attempt at a cry for aid? Just a fashion accident? Spicer trying

to be an innovator? A subtle Home of Cards referral? We’ll never understand for sure. It’s unreasonable and it happened.Just pleading to be memed Another incredible style moment for the Spice master. He used a solid green tie on live television, which in 2017 is the equivalent of waving a red flag at the Internet.Inevitable green screen trolling and outstanding Photoshopping ensued.The regrettable occurrence with the teeth O.K., this one could occur to anybody.

We’ll give this to you, Spicey. That time he was so, so bad at history Spicer, in attempting to protect Donald Trump’s decision to launch a military strike on Syria,

declared,”even Hitler didn’t sink to the level of using chemical weapons”in World War II.So that took place. He referred to Nazi concentration camps as “Holocaust centers.” In other words, a lot of things were stated that ought to not have been said.He later dug the hole deeper by saying he suggested Hitler” was not using the gas on his own people”the way Assad did.

He said sorry a lot for letting President Trump down.He did not ask forgiveness for letting us down.When he hid in the bushes or amongst the bushes or whatever When things get hard, we can constantly rely on our silly press secretary to inspire a meme, so naturally, when Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, Spicer must have simplyunderstood he required to conceal in the bushes. You know, for the good of the

American people. The Washington Post reported that following news of Comey’s shooting Spicer” spent several minutes concealed in the darkness”in the bushes and would just emerge if he could answer concerns without being filmed.However, the White Home later required a clarification

, which the Post offered in the form of an editor’s note. Journalism secretary was standing AMONGST the bushes, not in them, as our own Max Knoblauch so magnificently shows here:

Image: MAX KNOBLAUCH; SHUTTERSTOCK Image: MAX KNOBLAUCH; SHUTTERSTOCK Whatever his actual proximity to the bushes was, we are confident that only Sean Spicer could motivate a news story so distinctively absurd. What a ride. Thanks for spicing up our lives, Sean.