Ex-Celebrity Big Sibling stars Natalie Nunn and Jermaine Pennant make explosive return to the house to dish the dirt

Former Pallett and ‘Punchgate’.

They will all be taking part in today’s challenge, which sees the housemates involved in comedy ‘Thirsty Kirstie’s’.

After delighting in a pint, they all sit down and enjoy the telly – which they later on see Natalie, Jermaine and Ben on.In the preview clip ahead of tonight’s episode, Ben provides the club test as they all relax drinking beer.

Thirsty Kirstie’s is open for business Ben Jardine goes back to your home tonight … kind of
The housemates are ecstatic to see him

It’s when Natalie and Jermaine sit with Rylan Clarke for the ‘CBB match banter’ that they start to dish the dirt.Natalie begins off

by talking about Gabby- and she doesn’t mince her words.

They are less sure about Jermaine and Natalie’s analysis
Jermaine informs Dan

to’withdraw the male marking’ Natalie says Gabby has actually wept excessive She says:” She remains in the last, you’re here, you have actually made it however we have actually just seen you weep.”” I agree,”Jermaine chips in.”I believe Gabby requires to come off the bench, If Dan … you know, withdraws the man marking, possibly it’ll provide Gabby a little bit of space and let her flaunt her stuff.”

Will they describe Punchgate?Natalie likewise says that she doesn’t think Gabby has actually been

“strong enough”. Later on, Dan admits that he “didn’t delight in”enjoying them on screen. * Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9pm on Channel